Requirement (s) for MCSE Exams.

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Guest, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I am posting this message to reqiure for assistance on what are the
    neccessary items needs to be put in place to have both pratical and
    theoretical results in MCSE and or Networking Professional Exams.

    What those it takes to be excel on these fields.
    Guest, Jan 24, 2006
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  2. Guest

    FrisbeeĀ® Guest

    Somebody HAS to be making these up.
    FrisbeeĀ®, Jan 24, 2006
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  3. Years and years of practice....

    At least that would be the practical requirements. To actually obtain
    the certification, it would take studying and passing the exams. should be a good start for you.
    Patrick Dickey, Jan 24, 2006

  4. Maybe they come from infected computers. Ever get SPAM that just doesn't sound
    Robert Williams, Jan 24, 2006
  5. Guest

    Lasher Guest

    Something makes me think I need a pen!s enlargement.
    Lasher, Jan 25, 2006
  6. Guest

    TechGeekPro Guest

    Sorry to hear that dude.

    TGP MCNGP #100100

    We can rebuild We have the technology.
    Better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster.

    Long periods of drought are always followed by rain.
    TechGeekPro, Jan 25, 2006
  7. Guest

    Neil Guest

    don't get it from JaR
    Neil, Jan 25, 2006
  8. Guest

    Neil Guest

    huh? MS has GOT to localize these froups.
    Neil, Jan 25, 2006
  9. Guest

    Neil Guest

    you can't make up this stuff
    Neil, Jan 25, 2006
  10. You mean they DON'T already?? What the fsk are all the .arabic., .au., .br.,, .de., .es., .fr., etc. etc. etc.???
    Robert Williams, Jan 25, 2006
  11. Guest

    kpg Guest

    I don't know. I don't speak or .fr.

    But I'm pretty sure of what goes on in the .arabic one.

    kpg, Jan 25, 2006
  12. In case you weren't kidding, yes they are localized:

    au = Australian (funny accents)
    br = Brazilian
    cn = Canadian (can never understand them)
    de = Germany
    es = Espanola (Spain)
    fr = French (not just a kissing disease anymore)
    gu = GUAM (Give Up And Masturbate) not in the list, just thought it was funny
    hu = Hungary (Starving)
    il = Israel (I don't know, Is it real?)
    Robert Williams, Jan 25, 2006
  13. Robert Williams, Jan 25, 2006
  14. Guest

    kpg Guest

    If that were true, why is Neil here?
    kpg, Jan 25, 2006
  15. Shhhh...don't *tell* him
    Robert Williams, Jan 25, 2006
  16. Guest

    T-Bone Guest

    Some of the groups are localized, but the certification ones aren't.
    T-Bone, Jan 25, 2006
  17. Guest

    JaR Guest

    Echoed forth from the dank caverns of microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, the
    plaintive wail of kpg:
    Well, for one thing, cn != ca
    JaR, Jan 25, 2006
  18. Guest

    kpg Guest

    Why not.

    Hey Neil!

    Did you know there is a group made just for your kind?

    You can post 1500 times over there, and confin your posting
    in this group to meainginful dialog, like this.

    kpg, Jan 25, 2006
  19. Guest

    kpg Guest

    Look, we all know that .cn is not Califronia.

    kp "Republicans put it on the front bumper" g
    kpg, Jan 25, 2006
  20. worked! Child Psychology
    Robert Williams, Jan 25, 2006
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