REQ:help with OS instal/hdd problem please.

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by dice, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. dice

    dice Guest

    I had Windows ME installed and had upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition
    Sp2 .
    Recently I restarted the pc and it would not work the POST displayed
    then it gave an error recovery console window ,saying to press r to
    recover I pressed r nothing happened.
    I decided to reinstal windows XP, it said no previous OS was detected
    and to place the windows ME or other OS cd in the cd drive which I
    done, it validated it then asked me to put the Xp cd in the drive.
    It asked where to instal and there was only one partition with only
    8mb outside of it so I chose to instal to the existing partition and
    selected the format option it prompted for.
    It then continued saying copying windows files and then initialising
    windows files.
    It then said you pc will reboot in 15 seconds if there is a floppy in
    drive A to remove it (no floppy was in drive A).
    The pc reboots it then goes again to the windows agreement and asks to
    validate by inserting the windows ME cd accepts it then repeats and I
    cannot get Windows XP to instal at all past this stage.

    I d/l the free version of and put it on a floppy and ran
    I then tried to instal windows ME thinking I could upgrade it with the
    XP cd once it was installed and working, it will not instal windows ME
    it gives an aqua coloured error screen saying drivers are missing to
    contact the manufacturer.
    killdisk says 1 partion NTFS.
    The rest of the pc itself is working as my friend put his hdd in it
    and it booted and worked .
    Can anyone give me some help as to what to do to get either windows ME
    or the XP upgrade to work so I can get my pc back online please.

    Thank You very much for taking the time to read my request and
    consider it.

    dice, Feb 9, 2007
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  2. dice

    philo Guest

    Check the boot order in the bios.

    boot from CD should of course be first...
    but make sure your HD is listed 2nd (usually IDE-0)

    If that's setup OK...
    at the portion of the installation where your machine reboots,
    temporarily remove the cd to force a HD boot
    philo, Feb 9, 2007
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  3. dice

    dice Guest

    Thank You very much Philo.
    I changed the bios as per your instructions, it worked perfectly and
    xp is installed and working now .
    I really appreciate the help you have given me .
    dice, Feb 9, 2007
  4. dice

    philo Guest

    You are welcome...
    glad it worked!
    philo, Feb 9, 2007
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