Repost of 2001 that got me prestigious lamer of week recognition

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Network Guru, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Network Guru

    Network Guru Guest


    Here is is....I caught a TON of fish with that posting!

    First, I am an MCP. In addition, I have surfaced as one of the top
    technical gurus and I am compensated handsomely. My schedule prohibits
    posting to this NG during business hours as I hold a prominent position in a
    "new media" corporation. Obviously, some in this NG are jealous of my
    stature and do not have a real job, as they post during business hours
    exclusively. I am a technical Guru whether you like it or not! Learn to
    live with it.
    Network Guru, Aug 5, 2005
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  2. Okay...I'm hooked. What happened? Reel trolls net many lines of responses.
    Bob Christian, Aug 5, 2005
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  3. Network Guru

    Network Guru Guest

    i am a legend in this newsgroup...a part of the fabric, do a google search
    on it man......
    Network Guru, Aug 5, 2005
  4. Network Guru

    lowdes Guest

    Whatever . . .

    lowdes, Aug 5, 2005
  5. Network Guru

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    that must be the faggiest NG post I have ever read. You deserve your
    horonable title.

    i juts love the beginning, "First, I am an MCP". Fuggin classic.
    Rowdy Yates, Aug 5, 2005
  6. Network Guru

    Network Guru Guest

    My routine worked too good.....many took the bait hook line and
    sinker...from what I understand, my membership into mcngp was refused
    because one of the voters was naive enough to fall for my 'act' and has a
    grudge against me because I lured him into my cleverly disguised troll
    Network Guru, Aug 5, 2005
  7. Network Guru

    T-Bone Guest

    Hmm, maybe five or six direct replies? Not exactly a ton.

    Being a troll is one thing. Admitting you are a troll is another. Having not
    come up with anything better in the past five years and trying to relive
    your moment of troll glory is just lame.
    T-Bone, Aug 5, 2005
  8. Network Guru

    JaR Guest

    In microsoft.public.cert.exam.mcse, Network Guru spewed across the
    No, it was refused because we were concerned that if we gave you access to
    the sooper sekrit site, you might toss an M80 into the urinal, or put up
    your collection of David Cassidy pictures in the lounge.
    JaR, Aug 5, 2005
  9. Network Guru

    kpg Guest

    It must be an election year.

    Everyone is trying to move to the middle.
    kpg, Aug 5, 2005
  10. Network Guru

    Consultant Guest

    all this time passes and you're still working the help desk!
    Consultant, Aug 5, 2005
  11. Network Guru

    Consultant Guest

    i thought it was funny

    Consultant, Aug 5, 2005
  12. Network Guru

    Network Guru Guest

    Dude, from that time, I have been promoted twice, first to urinal cleaner
    and next to feces cleaner off toilets. help desk was long in my past
    Network Guru, Aug 5, 2005
  13. Network Guru

    Briscobar Guest

    Congratulations on your move up the corporate ladder, NG.
    Briscobar, Aug 5, 2005
  14. Network Guru

    Neil Guest

    what's next NG? the offer of a brush to help out with the job?

    {$1 to MPFC}
    Neil, Aug 5, 2005
  15. Network Guru

    Consultant Guest

    have you encountered the ever-elusive upper-decker?
    Consultant, Aug 5, 2005
  16. I hate puppies and I demand a recount.
    Kaptain Kerp // you don't ask dumb question /* MCS, Aug 5, 2005
  17. Network Guru

    kpg Guest

    Kaptain Kerp // you don't ask dumb question /* MCSBNGP+++
    #270-290-291-293-294-298-299# */ <!-- The F-Word --> <? echo \"</?
    X-Windows = MicrosoftAgent\('Hasta La'\).Vista.WhatYouDidn'tLike\(\);
    /?>\"; ?> <!-- General Microcephalic S. Bob --> <{ - chimpanzees admitted free - future
    home of pms}> said something like

    Well I hate that you hate puppies and I demand restitution.

    kpg, Aug 5, 2005
  18. Network Guru

    Briscobar Guest

    PotD, my friend. Upper deckers automatically get PotD, regardless of the
    rest of the day's content.


    MCNGP #26
    MCNGP members will fix your car, free of charge. Ask us about it at
    Briscobar, Aug 5, 2005
  19. Network Guru

    Consultant Guest

    i'm honored

    Consultant, Aug 5, 2005
  20. Network Guru

    Jtyc Guest

    have you encountered the ever-elusive upper-decker?

    What about a pyramid?

    Especially one that peeks out just a tad above the rim.
    Jtyc, Aug 5, 2005
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