Replacement for Nikon Coolpix 8800 Coming Soon?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by BobL, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. BobL

    Nostrobino Guest

    I don't think that's true, at least as far as flash is concerned. I'm only a
    recent convert to Nikon, but I do have an 8700 as well as the 8400 and 8800
    models. The 8700 (and presumably the 5700 on which it appears to be based)
    does not do TTL metering of flash at all, as far as I'm aware. For all flash
    exposures it uses a sensor in the camera's pop-up internal flash, which is
    why that internal flash has to be popped up even when any external flash is
    used, including the recent SB-600/800 models. Such is my understanding, and
    if I've missed something or am mistaken I hope someone will straighten me

    I don't really know anything about Canon's Digic II technology except
    (vaguely) that it has to do with image processing.

    Maybe with the 5700/8700 cameras which AFAIK do not use TTL flash at all,
    but the 8400/8800 cameras with SB-600/800 flash do use Nikon's i-TTL system
    which is said to be quite advanced. Not having used my SB-600 yet in a
    demanding or difficult situation I can't comment in any useful way about

    Yes. The only thing I've done similar to what you're doing was many years
    (in fact, decades) ago at the New York Auto Show. Then of course I was using
    35mm, some slide film or other (I think ASA 64) and no flash at all. But I
    had a 35mm f/2.5 lens which I was using wide open practically all the time,
    and there was plenty of artificial light in most of the place. So while I
    was sometimes driven down to 1/30 or so I was still able to get nice

    Yes, but ditto for flash also in most museums of course. The one I'm
    planning on shooting in is the New England Air Museum, where I was able to
    use flash previously, and my hope is that if I go on a weekday when there
    usually isn't much of a crowd I'll be allowed to use a tripod also and get
    better results. (My earlier hand-held flash shots there were okay given the
    circumstances, but not really satisfying.)

    I think you're probably right about that. . . . I have no experience yet
    with DSLRs, but everything I've read comports with what you say.

    Actually I'd have bought something even smaller, if there were anything
    smaller with the SB-600/800's advanced features. I prefer to use as little
    flash as I can get away with anyway, and I'm annoyed by tall, heavy flash
    units that keep trying to turn the camera upside down on the neck strap. I
    accept that all external units try to do this, but the taller and heavier
    they are the harder they try. :)

    My use of flash will mostly be for casual, ordinary indoor shots at family
    get-togethers and such things. The SB-600 will be more than adequate for
    that. In the museum, as mentioned I expect to make the maximum use of
    available light, using the flash primarily as fill and to produce better
    detail in what's right in front of the camera. I am looking forward to
    experimenting with the Nikon flash's features, some of which are new to me.

    Oh, not at all. I think any kind of photography should be done in whatever
    way we like to do it best, and "the right way" be damned. Good luck, and I
    hope you do find a method for getting results that satisfy you.

    Nostrobino, Sep 27, 2005
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