Rental DVDs: "Rental Only - Not For Resale."

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by One-Shot Scot, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. I just got around to noticing that Warner has two separate DVD versions
    of its Hitchcock collection. The 3 that I rented are silk-screened in
    light gray and there are voids in the paint to create the lettering and


    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    I Confess

    -- also The Bad Seed (not from the Hitchcock collection.)

    The three DVDs from the Hitchcock collection that I bought came in
    high-quality Amaray-style cases and the disks are silk-screened in full
    color, with pictures and logos:

    Foreign Correspondent

    Strangers on a Train

    Dial M for Murder

    My guess is that the Warner rental disks are a no frills affair and come
    with no packaging, other than a plain paper sleeve. I am also guessing
    that Warner is trying to kill the rental sell-through market with this
    new type of disk.

    Previously, DVD rental stores, such as Blockbuster and Hollywood, could
    rent the disks over and over -- collecting rental fees and late fees --
    and then sell the scratched up disks for half the retail price. Now,
    with "Rental Only - Not For Resale" printed on the disks, customers will
    not be able to purchase these previously scratched DVDs. This will
    probably increase Warner's sales of new, full-featured DVD packages.

    Of course, I don't know all of the details pertaining to the disk rental
    business. There may be some revenue-sharing deals, discount prices and
    other incentives which affect DVD rentals:

    "... Bob Pisano, a former MGM executive and current CEO of the Screen
    Actors Guild, joined the Netflix board and set up meetings for Hastings
    with studio moguls like Warren Lieberfarb, president of Warner Home
    Video. During the next year, most of the studios signed revenue-sharing
    agreements that called for Netflix to buy DVDs at cost and kick back a
    percentage of a customer's subscription fee for every movie rented.
    (Blockbuster pioneered revenue sharing in the VHS era but has no such
    arrangement with DVDs.)"

    I joined Netflix 2 years ago and have not rented anywhere else for over
    a year. Do Blockbuster and Hollywood (or any other rental chains) have
    "rental only" DVDs?
    One-Shot Scot, Sep 11, 2004
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