Removing popdown URL's in Firefox

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by jw, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. jw

    jw Guest

    Regarding Firefox 3.6 (latest ver). When I type in a URL in the URL
    bar, FF is retaining every website I ever used. That popdown under
    the URL bar is where I'm seeing them. When I type in a URL, that
    popdown of suggested websites underneath is bringing up every website,
    some going back over a year or more. For example, I type "www.y" and
    I see a flood of youtube URLs I've been to. If I type "www.g" I'll
    get a bunch of google entries and so on. This got sucked from version
    2 and into 3.6 when I recently upgraded. I did the "clear private
    data", clear cache, cookies, etc.... What file is storing this info?
    I want it removed. I'm assuming this file is stored in the
    windows/application data/mozilla/firefox folder, because I did remove
    FF 2 after I found ver 3 was working well, and these things are still
    there. At the least, I'd like to clear the list, because there are
    some sites that I want removed for the sake of others that may use my
    computer. Better yet, I'd rather just eliminate those popdowns
    completely. I have no need for them at all, and it's distracting and
    annoying, and I've never used it yet. I just want to type in my URL
    and be done with it.

    How can I either stop the popdowns entirely, or at least clear the

    jw, Jan 6, 2011
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  2. jw

    Rom Guest

    Try Tools >Options > Privacy panel, under "Location Bar"
    When using the location bar, suggest: [<drop-down list>]

    < bar autocomplete#w_controlling-behavior>
    Rom, Jan 6, 2011
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