Removing default users 'help assistant' and 'Support' in XP

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by PC, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. PC

    PC Guest

    Greetings all

    I've just watched a video on the latest APC magazine DVD that advocates
    removing the 'Help Assistant' and 'Support_xxxx' users from XP.
    I was unaware till viewing that video that they existed.
    They don't show up in Control Panel/User Accounts but if you R click 'My
    Computer' L click 'Manage' and under System tools/Local Users and
    Groups/Users they are listed though disabled.

    What is the story with these two accounts? should they be disabled, are they
    a security risk, what happens if they are removed?

    PC, Nov 20, 2005
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  2. PC

    omicron Guest

    Looking at a default winXPpro installation, it appears these two
    accounts are disabled automatically, so they should not be a security
    risk at all.. My guess is that you would be fine just leaving them alone
    omicron, Nov 20, 2005
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  3. PC

    Not Dave Guest

    By memory, one (or both?) are used for Remote Assistance requests (ie
    when you invite someone to assist with a problem on your computer over
    a VNC-type connection), and only enabled during the time you have an
    active request.

    I personally believe that APC are being irresponsible if they are
    indeed advocating removal of these accounts without adequately
    explaining their function, and the potential problems that could occur
    by their removal.

    Next time one of these users tries to use Remote Assistant, they'll
    blame Microsoft for the fact that it wont work...
    Not Dave, Nov 20, 2005
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