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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by naza, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. naza

    naza Guest

    I play a lot of games on my PC. I run a dual boot with Windows 2000
    and Windows XP Pro. I used XP pro and it has all my programs
    installed, whereas Windows 2000 has a few programs and only installed
    because I needed once for some networking tasks. Anyway, my problem is
    ping with the game and Ventrilo and voice client for gaming. The ping
    on my games is around 80+ms yet on windows 2000 with the same game
    server the ping is half that around 40-50ms. On ventrilo the ping is
    the same but as soon as it sends any voice data the ping reaches
    2000+ms creating great delay in the time it takes for the voice to get
    to the other person yet it works fine when I tested it on Windows 2000
    with the same PC, router and server. I would use windows 2000 but I
    have far too many programs and a personalized set-up on my XP and even
    when gaming I just get annoyed with the lack of programs and have to
    come back onto XP. I have tried tweaking programs and TCP/IP repair
    programs but this did not help at all. In fact I think that is what
    has caused all the problems in the first place. I have set the MTU to
    match the routers and I have looked at many sites and guide on how to
    work out the RWIN, but still no luck. I uninstalled the wireless
    adapter that I am using which is the same one that I am using in
    windows 2000 but all that did is when I reninstalled it was append the
    device with a number after the device name, after I change the USB
    port. I there a way of removing ALL of the network adapters on the
    machine totally even the one that would now appear not connected onto
    the PC so that XP will set the settings up correctly again. It worked
    fine when I first installed XP what messed it up was the TCP/IP
    tweaking. I don't want to reinstall XP, and waste a day getting things
    back to the way they were. I would assume the process of removing all
    the devices would involve deleting registry keys and the device
    manager way do not seem to remove everything.
    Sorry about the long read, but I thought the more detail the more
    chance someone could help me out. Thanks for any help in advance.
    naza, Apr 11, 2008
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  2. naza

    Pennywise Guest

    Had the same problem with Vent (and XP), minutes after talking, pieces
    of my speech would still be broadcasting.

    What I did was increase the priority of Vent with task manager (right
    click the process and abovenormal - that worked

    Then found that Vent has that ability in the setup :}
    setup - Misc - Process priority class (make it high).

    I have the logitech g15 keyboard, Ventrilo (and xfire) can be
    displayed in the LCD, I keep an eye on Vent and it still goes as high
    at times (900) but not for long and speech is normal.
    Pennywise, Apr 11, 2008
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