Removable drive bays-->Corrupted Data

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Rus, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Rus

    Rus Guest

    If you've found that your IDE drives freeze, stall, or corrupt data when
    using removable hard drive bay/tray arrangements, maybe I've found something
    that can help.

    I've used removable IDE hard drive bays for many years. Then, I upgraded
    MB,CPU, etc. Immediately, and for the first time ever, the hard drives would
    freeze sometimes during data transfer or they'd lay down corrupt data on a
    drive. I eliminated the removable bays and connected directly to the hard
    drives. Problems disappeared.

    So, obviously the bays were at fault.

    The bays I used had "Centronics" connectors. Actually, Centronics type
    connectors were in all the removable bays on the market at the time that I
    bought them.

    I'm theorizing that the Centronics-type connectors were the reason for data
    corruption and data transfer stalls. I'm guessing that electromagnetic
    emissions from circuits in the IDE channels were causing "crosstalk." In a
    Centronics connector, there are 25 relatively large copper ribbons in close
    proximity to each other in an open (unshielded) array.

    I'm guessing that 25 open connectors were okay at parallel port speeds, but,
    now that IDE is pushed to the max, those Centronics connectors just cause
    problems for some of us. (Some people still claim to have no problems using
    ATA100/133 IDE drives in bays using Centronics connectors.)

    I'm guessing that whatever crosstalk elimination was afforded by the 40 extra
    ground wires in an 80 wire 40 pin IDE cable is thwarted by those open 25
    ribbons of a Centronics connector.

    Today, I got a slew of bays that use a "DIN" type of connector. I've got
    them up and running now. I've run a few tests that have offered promising
    results. I did a whole bunch of data transfers (large and small and
    multiple) between partitions (drive letters) and between drives.

    So far, no problems whatsoever. In the past, with the Centronics type
    removable drive bays, I'd have never been able to accomplish the data
    transfers that the DIN type bays have just done.

    However ... it will take several days of hard use to actually prove that the
    problems are eliminated by these DIN connectors.

    If I have any troubles whatsoever, I'll come back to post. I'll come back to
    post immediately if I have any problems. I'll come back in about a week to
    post if everything is okay. If nothing goes wrong in a week, then I'm
    satisfied that the DIN's eliminated the problem.

    So far, the only removable bays with DIN connectors for IDE drives that I
    have seen are the ones with "32" and "101" in their model numbers. 32's are
    the cheapest and are mostly plastic. 101's are a bit more expensive but
    contain more aluminum than plastic.

    Lots of different companies slap their names on these bays but I suspect that
    only a few companies actually manufacture these things. So, manufacturer
    shouldn't matter as long as the model of the bays is correct. Bays and trays
    with different brand names should be interchangeable as long as the model
    number is the same. (I wouldn't be surprised if only one company in Taiwan
    is churning out all of the bays/trays.)

    I'll give a link to the KingWin site page for IDE bays. I'm linking to the
    KingWin site only because they give high-res large images from several angles
    for each of the drive bay types. I'm not endorsing KingWin. KingWin might
    be the worst. I don't know. I only bought them because the particular
    vendor I chose had them for sale and I chose the vendor based on lowest price
    and lowest shipping cost. I would have picked any brand of bay as long as it
    had "32" in the model.

    Here's the link:

    Do SATA bays cause problems? I don't know. I've never used a SATA removable
    bay. I've got SATA connectors on my MB but I don't care to use them. The
    electromechanics of hard drives can't even saturate an IDE channel yet
    (sustained read/write) so I haven't bothered to shelve my IDE drives to
    upgrade to SATA.

    Rus, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Rus

    Rus Guest

    After several days, no problems. This is nice. I thought I'd never be able
    to use removable drive bays again. Now I can slip in different drives for
    experimental environments: BartPE and utilities, Linux, Low-level hard drive
    utilities, etc.

    If data problems were going to appear, I think they would have by now.

    Thank you to the hosts of this forum for letting me post. I've searched for
    months looking for others with my same difficulties. As usual, I run into
    glitches that don't affect the masses. Although, there must be a reason that
    removable bay designers are offering DIN connectors as well as Centronics.
    There must be others like me out there some where, I just couldn't find them.

    Rus, Feb 2, 2006
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