Religious Impairment, Dear Old Dad and Canon Printers

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jesus H. Christ, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. SO, what's the poop on the pictures printed by this printer? Do they
    last without fading? I remember hearing a lot of stuff about high-dollar
    photos being sold ( arty stuff ) and then fading in a relatively short
    period of time?

    Ignore the rest of this post if you're secure in your knowledge of God,
    Heaven, Hell, humor and Politics, and don't even want to be bothered
    with anything different or new. It isn't really on topic. But then, of
    course, neither is that everlasting thread, " Jews and photography". I
    asked Daad to kill that thread, but you know how he is, he just rolls
    his eyes and gives me that, "Don't even go there" look.
    Neither is that thread about California Burning, for Dad's sake, but
    that doesn't stop them now does it ?

    Dad really DOES have a sense of humor, contrary to popular belief. The
    Born-Agains, Fuddymentalists and other fanatics would all be dead now
    but for Dad's laughter at their antics. Should he ever get serious about
    their killings, imprisonments and general foolishness done in his name,
    ....well, HE'D be REALLY pissed, and do that Noah thing again. You know,
    with the water? Or maybe even something worse. SO, all you VERY serious
    folks out there who think GAWD can't take a little joke, wise up. It's
    humor that holds the world ( and Heaven and
    "Hell" together. I put quotes around Hell because, contrary to popular
    belief, Hell isn't the fire and Brimstone crap you've been lied to about
    all these years. Instead it's more like what we have here on Earth now,
    with Republicans lying mightily to everyone, and lots of people running
    around spouting all the media-induced hysterias, and Corporations trying
    to take over even the WATER, for Dad's sake, and poison food and too
    many jails and too many bad songs and singers, and nuts like Rush
    Limbaugh keeping everyone occupied so that the majority of people can't
    begin to see the truth as they're too damn busy trying to tread water to
    stay alive. Throw in Martha Stewart and Reality TV and you begin to get
    the picture. So, you see, Hell isn't really THAT bad, but it DOES go on
    forever, and Tofu IS served every damn day.
    Anyway, I asked him about the new Canon printer, the i9100, which can
    print large photos, and he just said, " Why don't you do what everyone
    else does- post a note in"?
    He's quite busy, I guess, with the nuts in Iraq and Afghanaistan and
    wherever, trying to end the world and everything.
    Jesus H. Christ, Nov 4, 2003
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  2. Actually, he screwed up or something -- they're all posting in Can you get him to stop them?

    Geeze, Lou eeze -- they're completely off topic, but they say that nobody
    here has a clue. Maybe that's why you can't get an answer here. Try and see what turns up. No, on second thought,
    don't. Just lead to more off topic crap.

    Actually, stop by
    and read what Rev. Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping has to say --
    maybe you shouldn't buy one at all. Notice the photo with Burning Man in
    the background. Louise and I were up on the pyramid behind the choir
    watching, so two of those figures above the choir may be us. They do a
    great show. Real sense of humor, there, Lord. Stop by the Burn next year,
    Phil Stripling, Nov 4, 2003
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    journalist-north, Nov 4, 2003
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