Release Date for War of the Worlds DVD?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by so57th, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. so57th

    so57th Guest

    Still waiting for this one. I didn't hear any oooooohs and ahhhhs
    over this one, but its one of the few that looks worth buying.

    Anyone see this at the theaters?
    so57th, Oct 26, 2005
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  2. so57th

    Kishin Guest

    I saw it in the theater, and I'm dying for it to come out on DVD so I
    can watch it again. What can I say...I dig tripod fighting machines.

    Kishin, Oct 26, 2005
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  3. so57th

    TB Guest

    It's out on 11/22/05 both as a single disc and as a 2 disc version with
    extras. 11/22 is going to be a huge day for dvd releases as the various
    classic King Kong editions will come out that day along with Polar Express,
    Alien vs Predator 2 disc edition, Criterion "Ran" and a bunch of tv series
    season box sets including 2 more seasons of Seinfeld. Also look for the
    original version to be released next week on 11/1/05 as a 2 disc edition as
    well as the 1st season of the tv series on the same day.

    TB, Oct 26, 2005
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