Reinstalling Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by mhr, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. mhr

    mhr Guest

    I am using my wife's computer to post this, since my browser and Outlook
    express don't seem to be working right. My computer appears to connect to
    the Internet, but Internet Explorer won't open any web site (also, Outlook
    Express won't send or receive emails). I am using Windows 98 and IE 5.5. I
    get a DNS error message on IE. I wish to reinstall it (IE) since it doesn't
    appear to be working right, but I can't get on the Internet. I can download
    the IE program from Microsoft to my wife's computer's A drive, but I
    understand that this is primarily the set-up. If you run it, it is supposed
    to download the remaining major part of the IE program. Since I can't
    access the Internet through my present IE, will it still work on my set?
    Also, can I reinstall IE, without running the new download from Microsoft,
    by simply going into Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs - and uninstall and
    then install IE through the same "Add/Remove Programs?"
    I suspect that my present IE may have been corrupted.
    PS - I should also mention that I use a dial up connection to connect to my
    ISP. If I click on status (through "Properties" on the dial up icon) it
    will confirm I am connected, but the two little monitor icons do not appear
    on the lower right on the task bar. I contacted my ISP support and they
    believe my dial up configuration to connect is correct.
    mhr, Apr 11, 2004
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  2. mhr

    gilde Guest

    You may not have to reinstall Internet Explorer or Outlook Express.
    It may be that there is a Winsock error stopping the opening of
    websites and e-mail. Go to Google and type in Winsock. That should
    get you to a site where the Winsock fix can be
    downloaded......actually you may get up to 13 pages of possible fixes
    to straighten out the coonnection problem. Worked for me.
    gilde, Apr 12, 2004
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  3. mhr

    Mikey Guest

    Ok as some may know i am trying to rebootmt emachine back to factory
    form well I did the format c and have been trying to reload
    everythingbut When I go to start loading windows I get a no f32
    parition installed on disk use fdisk at command prompt. So when I do
    that from a: I get a no fixed disk present and when I do it from c:I
    get the same thingbut I can access c:\ drive and look at the dir and
    when I try to do another format c; I get a format not supported om
    drive c:
    any help??
    Mikey, May 2, 2004
  4. mhr

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    I would take a punt that you are booting you are doing so from a boot
    floppy or boot CD which sets up a RAM drive. The RAM drive is given
    the next available drive letter, which when your hard drive is not
    working, is C:

    Just check whether your hard drive is being recognised in the BIOS
    whilst booting.
    Oldus Fartus, May 3, 2004
  5. mhr

    Wizard Guest

    That is probably because you have an NTFS partition and your boot disk
    ain't ever gonna see it.
    Wizard, May 3, 2004
  6. mhr

    Mikey Guest

    So any ideas on how to fix this problem?

    Mikey, May 3, 2004
  7. mhr

    Oldus Fartus Guest

    A boot disk should see it, but would give an error message of Invalid
    Media Type I would think, and FDISK when run from the floppy would most
    likely say there is a Non-DOS partition if it was an NTFS partition.

    He hasn't got back to us, but I still think it likely that his hard
    drive is either toasted, or not connected and the c: drive he is seeing
    is either the RAM drive some boot disks setup, or is his CDROM. This
    would fit in with the symptoms.
    Oldus Fartus, May 3, 2004
  8. mhr

    Mikey Guest

    proabably either the cable or the mother board than because when I
    install the HD into another computer it works
    Mikey, May 4, 2004
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