Registering for UK ENUM

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Chris Hills, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. Chris Hills

    Chris Hills Guest

    Nominet currently lists three accredited registrars for UK ENUM
    ( Having tried for 2 months to contact these companies by
    email and phone, I have not received a single response. Has anyone else
    had any success?
    Chris Hills, Mar 2, 2010
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  2. I was approached a while back to see if I wanted to be a reseller of one
    of them, but the rates were stupidly high - far higher than would appear
    to make any savings by being able to dial direct via VoIP, bypassing
    the PSTN.

    Personally I'm not in favour of it - yet. To make it work, you'll have to
    open your VoIP gateway to allow anonymous callers to place incoming
    calls - great for the callers who can potentially save money by dialling
    your VoIP gateway rather than via the PSTN, but bad for you as it's
    opening you up to all sorts of potential spam possibilities.

    So of the 3 that nominet list: - you'd think registering a single number might
    be cheap and easy - amazingly it's not - they want an initial fee of
    $36.49 and an anual fee of $25.

    Hang on - US dollars. Why would I want to pay in US Dollars for something
    sourced in the UK? - can't regsiter yet. - looks like they're not ready yet - have this on
    their site:

    We are now pre-registering ENUMs for the Corporate and Medium Enterprise
    sectors from as little as £250 with a monthly rental fee of just £5 for
    the main number and £0.10 for each additional DDI number.

    Well, it's no-wonder they're not replying to you - probably gone bust
    and it's all fallen flat on it's face because no-one in their right mind
    if going to PAY for a service that'll potentially give them open access
    to spammers... goes on to say:

    So let us break that down for you with a nice simple example. Let's
    say your organisation is a insurance broker. Now let's asume you have
    one main UK landline and five DDI numbers (one each for home, car and
    travel insurance, one for claims and one for billing) To get on board
    nice and early all you have to pay the one off £250 registration fee
    followed by monthly payments of £5 + ( 5 x 10p) = £5.50 per month! (all
    subject to VAT)

    Great - £5.50 a month after the registration fee for what - to allow your
    callers to call you for free using the Internet - but that also assumes
    you already have a VoIP capable PBX which can take anonymous calls...

    Nope - I really don't get it.

    Gordon Henderson, Mar 2, 2010
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