Refilling Dell 924 ink cartriges

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by bacteroid, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. bacteroid

    bacteroid Guest

    Does anyone have the instructions for refilling both the black and
    color cartriges for a Dell AIO 924 printer?
    Please help if you can.
    Thanks in advance.
    bacteroid, Sep 1, 2006
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  2. Bacteroid, it is fairly straightforward and simple.

    Sit at a table and have yourself a tray of some type to lay your
    cartridges and ink on just in case you spill some or have overflow
    while refilling them.

    Make sure you have ink that states on the package that it is
    compatible with Dell computers or Lexmark. Take the cartridges out of
    the printer. When you take the cartridges out of the printer for the
    first time they will have a film of glue over the fill holes, rub this
    glue off with your fingers, it will come right off.

    Next, I always start off with the black cartridge because it is easier
    than the color to refill. Get your black ink, get your needle and ink
    pump and suck some black ink up in it, about 7ml, this is how much
    they all hold, approximately, if they are empty, if not, less. That is
    7ml for each hole on the cartridge.

    Take your needle and gently poke around in the sponge that you will
    feel in each fill hole until it punctures it and then you can fill.

    Fill your black ink cartridge up with all black ink, self explanatory.
    If you overfill and it starts to run out, you should not leave it that
    way, just withdraw a little of the ink with the needle. You don't want
    any free floating ink, you want the sponge to absorb it all.

    For the color, you do the same. No black ink, naturally. You will
    have a color blue, color red, and color yellow. It is very important
    on the color cartridge to get the right color in the right depository.
    Make sure you put blue where the blue color originally was and the
    same with yellow and red. Get a flashlight if you have too, to look
    down in the tiny holes to determine which color was originally in
    which hole, they aren't marked.

    After you are down, wipe off any excess ink and try your best to not
    get any of the ink on the contacts of the cartridge. If you do, make
    sure to clean them off with cartridge and print head wash before
    putting them back in the printer.

    Also, you should have some rubber plugs to put back in the fill holes
    to keep the ink from running out.

    Ctrl¤/Alt¤/Del¤, Sep 2, 2006
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