Refilling Canon i9xx printers

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ned, Dec 31, 2003.

  1. ned

    ned Guest

    Looking to replace my Lexmark Z51. Have seen favorable comments on
    the Canon i950/960 printers. I'd appreciate hearing comments from
    those who refill their ink tanks on these models with respect to the
    Eease of filling
    Pprint quality compared to mfg's refills
    Rreliability of the jets using generic ink.

    Also curious as to whether the clear plastic ink tanks get clouded
    with ink if reused and how that affects the ability for the printer to
    sense ink level or for the operator to view the levels.
    ned, Dec 31, 2003
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  2. ned

    Mango Guest

    I have been refilling for ages...a couple of tips...
    1- get good quality ink...but be aware that you will not be able to match
    the canon ink...its propriatary....
    2...have lots of absorbment papers to catch any drips/spills....
    3..get rubber stoppers to replace the ball that you will get out in order to
    refill...(rubber stoppers really save time, just pop them out and pop them
    4...note that when the tank is being refilled, the ink will coupously drip
    till you plug it up...
    5...wear quality rubber gloves to keep your hands clean...

    invest your savings on ink

    Mango, Dec 31, 2003
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  3. ned

    ned Guest

    Thanks Mango. I've refilled the Lexmark successfully for years. Do
    you have any experience with the i950 or i960 specifically?
    ned, Dec 31, 2003
  4. ned

    Tom Guest

    I'm not Mango but I have a couple of years and literally hundreds of refills
    experience. These tanks are all the same and are very easy to refill.

    I do not use the rubber plug system as it is too messy. I drill a VERY
    small hole in the top rear of the tank and plug it with a small pan head
    screw. Easy to get out, easy to put in... and you do not tend to squeeze
    the tanks while doing so (causing excessive leakage). I use a syringe and
    needle for each color (six of them) and never mix syringes.

    At one time, I tried to count the number of refills I got out of every tank
    but gave up when the numbers went into the hundreds. Tanks WILL eventually
    need replacing but I have found the cause to be eventual clogging of the air
    vent in the top of the tank (under the label). So now I make it a point to
    keep the tanks upright as much as possible... but it is not big deal to buy
    a new tank after several score (or hundred) refills.

    My S9000 is used to print wedding proofs. The prints are on Office Depot
    Premium photo paper and each sheet contains 4 ea. 4x5 proof shots. This
    equates to an 8x10 per sheet. And I print many hundreds of sheets. Wore
    out one print head already, but it was child's play to replace... no need to
    send to a repair facility.

    Print longevity is a MAJOR issue if you are doing serious prints. Tests I
    have done show that Epson and Canon dye based prints fade badly (and
    quickly) if not protected from direct light. We use the inkjet for proofs
    only and as they are in a proof book, under a plastic cover, I expect the
    proof prints will last a lifetime. But we do not guarantee proofs and all
    final prints are done on Lambda's or Frontiers, depending upon the size

    I have been VERY impressed with my Canon printer and would replace it with
    another should the need arise. We would never consider doing final prints
    in-house as our time is more valuable than that, so the archival Epsons with
    (non refillable) pigment inks are a non starter with us. We got away from
    Epsons in the past because of clogging and the inability to easily refill
    the tanks and will never return to them, although they produce EXCELLENT
    output when working correctly.

    Tom, Dec 31, 2003
  5. ned

    Lofty Guest


    Who's ink do you use, and where do you get it from?

    Also who's paper suites your printer. I have tried a few different
    makes of paper, but non compare to Canons own?

    I run an i950 and am very pleased with the results, however I only use
    genuine Canon ink tanks and paper ATM.

    Lofty, Dec 31, 2003
  6. ned

    Sam Guest

    I do not use the rubber plug system as it is too messy. I drill a VERY
    small hole in the top rear of the tank and plug it with a small pan head
    screw. Easy to get out, easy to put in... and you do not tend to squeeze
    the tanks while doing so (causing excessive leakage). I use a syringe and
    needle for each color (six of them) and never mix syringes.

    - - -

    Tom, tell me some more about how you use the pan head screw. I've been
    refilling my i950 for awhile and have been very pleased with the results.
    I seal the fill hole with a little bit of bubble gum but it's messy and
    doesn't always make a complete seal.

    - - -

    In answer to Ned, I use ink from and have been very
    happy with the quality. I use RoaylBrites High Gloss Photo paper from
    Sam's club and IMHO believe that the print quality is just as good as Canon
    paper. 150 sheets of the RoyalBrites cost about $19.00.
    Sam, Dec 31, 2003
  7. I have an i960 and use for replacement tanks. The cost is half
    as much and I can't tell the difference. I use Canon Pro Paper Plus as well.
    Ophelia Quivers, Dec 31, 2003
  8. ned

    ned Guest

    Thanks for the comments from the Canon users. Sounds like refilling
    is easy and good results are achieved. While the Lexmark has served
    me well, I know the newer printers are greatly improved. Ability to
    refill is a key factor in my replacement decision until mfg's start
    marketing more reasonable replacement costs. I like the idea of clear
    ink tanks and the ability to replace individually.

    Tom, are there any products to prevent the prints from fading? Are we
    talking about months or several years to see noticeable fade?
    ned, Jan 1, 2004
  9. ned

    dicko Guest

    There's this link with cartidges selling for $1.85:

    I've used them and had no problems but prints do smell different
    coming out of the printer than when using OEM canon ink, a very
    strong alchohol smell, so they are formulated differently.

    At $1.85, it doesnt pay to refill.

    I've also refilled the canon cartidges and find that 2 things happen
    after a while:
    1. they start experiencing ink flow problems after being used about 10
    2. the plastic tab that latches them into the print head tends to get
    real floppy as the plastic hinge starts to break.

    No big deal, just buy a new OEM cartidge and then start refilling it.

    I use a heated 4 penny nail to melt a small hole in the tank and then
    use hot melt glue to seal the hole. it seals well and pops right off
    for the next refill.

    I've used ink from both and and never had any problems after a hundred or so

    I cant tell any difference in prints using OEM or refilled cartridges.
    I use Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss paper from Sams Club at $25 per 100
    sheet, 8.5x 11.

    dicko, Jan 1, 2004
  10. ned

    jean Guest

    I pop the hole head with the six cartriges out and leave the tanks in when
    refilling, this way I get no drips at all. Still as a precaution, I do the
    refilling over a drop cloth but I don't wear gloves and get away with clean

    jean, Jan 1, 2004
  11. ned

    dslr Guest

    Do you recalibrate the head position every time, or do you not find it
    to cause/be a problem?
    dslr, Jan 1, 2004
  12. ned

    Irwell Guest

    I have found the Carrotink replacements good on the Canon s820.
    Irwell, Jan 2, 2004
  13. ned

    jean Guest

    No, I never saw any change in print quality when I did this. Did you find
    you had to redo the print alignment when you removed and replaced the print

    jean, Jan 2, 2004
  14. ned

    dslr Guest

    I haven't done that, so I wouldn't know - hence the question.
    If you haven't had any problems. it's something I might well be trying
    now, though ;-)
    dslr, Jan 2, 2004
  15. ned

    BF Guest

    Every time you do this it puts wear on the contacts. I don't think it
    I would do it. If it works for you and you feel comfortable doing it,
    great. All you have to do is put the cap on the ink tank that came
    with it when it was new. Fill it and take it off when done. I don't
    wear gloves either.
    BF, Jan 4, 2004
  16. ned

    jean Guest

    The head on the BJC8200 was very easy to remove and put back and the
    contacts looked like they could take many insertions and removals because
    they were almost like a "zero insertion force" socket. The head on my I950
    is not so easy to remove so I only remove the cartriges and do like you do.


    jean, Jan 6, 2004
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