Redundant VPN ipsec tunnel using 2 dsl connections and a 1841 router?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Mephesto, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. Mephesto

    Mephesto Guest

    hi there,

    some quick questions. I have a 1841 router and a vpn connection build
    to another 1841 router. We have 2 networks on each site, each on his
    own subnet.

    Now this all works fine with 3 ports on the router. 1 for internet, and
    2 for the internal netwerk we like to keep seperated. (not a dmz).

    Now we are thinking of adding 2 extra dsl connections on both sites, so
    we can have a little redundancy.

    1. Is it possible to plugin both dsl connections and create a automatic
    fail-over using these connections for the vpn tunnels?

    2. Is it possible to do bandwidth management using the cisco 1841
    router for 1 of my internal networks? In other works, can i make sure
    subnet A will be higher prioritized then subnet B?

    3. Can i do stuff like, prioritize rdp and smtp traffic?

    I'm familiar with the pix family, and the standard dsl routers... But
    this 1841 is a whole new thing for me and i'm just in the dark here
    with its possibilities... Any help would be greatly appreciated :) thnx
    a lot.
    Mephesto, Jun 29, 2005
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