Redistribute static to OSPF, overriding the slower OSPF-native route?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by E.Finlayson, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. E.Finlayson

    E.Finlayson Guest

    Interesting question for you experts:

    I've got three routers in a network loop, arranged as such:

    ROUTER1--------- 100BaseTX -------ROUTER2
    \ /
    100BaseTX T1
    \ /

    The links between ROUTER1 and ROUTER2, and ROUTER2 and ROUTER3, are
    point-to-point links running OSPF. The link between ROUTER1 and
    ROUTER3 is a VPN tunnel over an ISP routed private backbone, and can
    only run static routes. All routers are in Area 0, and each has a
    LAN behind it of the same number (ROUTER1 has, etc.)

    Router IPs:
    ROUTER1 to FW1
    ROUTER3 to FW3

    Right now, in order to get traffic to use the fastest link, I have to
    write a static route into ROUTER2 to go to ROUTER1 to reach ROUTER3.
    The firewall-to-router and firewall-to-firewall connections are all
    configured correctly, as with the static route in place, connectivity
    is fine.

    On ROUTER1, I've done this:
    ip route
    router ospf 1
    redistribute static metric 20 metric-type 1 subnets

    And doing a show ip ospf database on all the routers show the
    now-advertised route under External Link states: 317 0x80000777 0x2620 0

    But when I drop the static route off ROUTER2, it chooses the
    higher-cost (48) native-OSPF route over the lower-cost (21 total, by
    my calculation) redistributed route.

    Any ideas on what I'm missing, or how to get this to work?

    (Oh, and ideally, I'd love to have ROUTER3 doing the reverse:
    advertising a 20-cost route to ROUTER1's LAN via the VPN in case the net goes down... but that's way, way down on my
    E.Finlayson, Sep 10, 2004
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