reconfiguring a 7513 to allow filtering

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by fiskeja, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. fiskeja

    fiskeja Guest

    Okay, so here is my situation... I have a Cisco 7513 setup to do BGP
    routing between two WAN links (one commodity internet and one I2). I
    need to be able to filter this traffic (to remove some P2P apps,
    prioritize traffic, etc.). I have an application that iwll do this
    well. However, I need to apply different rules to each WAN link. So,
    what I am thinking is that if I can make the 7513 do this (see diagram)
    that I should be all set.

    Existing setup:

    -> Commodity WAN link
    All traffic ---> 7513 Routing <
    -> I2 WAN link

    Desired setup:
    -> Commodity -> packet filter -> WAN
    All traffic ---> 7513 Routing <
    -> I2 traffic -> packet filter -> WAN

    However, here is the catch, the WAN links are both done via BNC (and
    then fiber) and they don't run ethernet (one is Serial and the other is
    ATM). The serial and ATM line cards are both housed in the 7513
    chasis, so the 7513 routing has to feed out to ethernet and then the
    packet filters need to feed back into ethernet, be converted to their
    respective WAN protocol and then sent out over the WAN links.

    Any suggestions? What tree should I be barking up? Failing that,
    which forest should I be looking for a tree in?

    Thanks all!
    fiskeja, Sep 21, 2005
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