Recommendation for Speedtouch 716WL over Zyxel 2602HW

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by usenet, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. usenet

    usenet Guest

    A month or two ago I bought a Zyxel 2602HW having been very happy with
    the Zyxel 660H I had been using until I wanted to try VOIP.

    The 2602HW has never been 'quite right', it works OK much of the time
    but every so often (say once a day, more or less) the performance
    detriorates, DNS stops working or you can't connect to its web
    configuration. A reset (or power cycle) would always fix it and
    performance would then be back to normal but this is not always
    possible if I'm trying to use it remotely.

    So I decided to try something else and found that DSL Depot are
    selling returned/refurbished Speedtouch 716WL routers for £39 so I
    ordered one on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday. It's now in use and
    seems much more stable and less quirky than the 2602HW. I haven't
    really stressed the VOIP side yet but for the rest it seems good.

    It's not quite as 'all singing all dancing' as the Zyxel, it doesn't
    have Bandwidth Management nor such comprehensive firewall facilities,
    nor Traffic Redirect but what it does have seems to work very well.

    I may try the 2602HW again when a firmware revision or two has been
    done (I have the latest which came out in January, still not perfect).
    usenet, Mar 29, 2006
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  2. usenet

    John G1JOD Guest

    Been trying the 716WL out myself, the idea was to get better QOS on VoIP
    calls, I have listed a few problems I have found so far in trying to get
    mine set up.

    First thing I tried was to update the firmware to the latest version however
    it didn't solve the issues with the router.

    I have two accounts configured with Voipfone (both work perfectly with other

    1 VoIP settings completely lost when power re applied after power failure,
    the user name password etc have to be reapplied and saved again, all other
    ADSL settings are still ok.

    2 PSTN relay clicked in and out several times during the night, rather

    3 I thought the speedtouch 716 would have been better than my present router
    that does not support QOS, however lots of clicks and breaks when others on
    my network are viewing WebPages etc, although QOS works great if uploading
    or downloading files (apart from the annoying short breaks in the

    4 I can't get my Siemens optipoint to work, the phone keeps saying
    discovering DHCP server, worked fine with Draytek and Linksys routers. The
    speedtouch shows the phone as getting IP address by DHCP, but that's as far
    as it goes. To be honest not investigated fully as yet.

    5 If PSTN line you are calling is busy, it takes a long time for the
    speedtouch to return the busy signal.

    6 Although not investigated yet, dial plans seem to be limited.

    7 (With call waiting on) If either or both phones attached to the router are
    in use, any one calling from the PSTN just gets silence instead of ringing
    tone (you here beeps in the phone attached to the speedtouch) however by
    this time the caller thinks the call has failed and tries again with the
    same result, very unsatisfactory, If he holds on it eventually goes through
    to voicemail.

    8 (With call waiting off) callers from PSTN go through to voicemail rather
    than getting engaged tone (possibly normal behaviour)

    9 Sometimes (intermittent) only one line able to receive calls the other
    goes straight to voice mail, however both are able to call out. The only way
    to get them both working again is to go into configuration and re apply the

    10 MWI not working (not investigated this yet).

    And I thought this would have been the easiest solution to set up!!

    I already sent the first one I received back, because it was damaged.

    This one looks as if it has been out before, even though I paid full price,
    ordered through Virgin, my ISP.

    Looks like this will have to go back also, and I will have to wait a bit
    longer and spend more on the new Intertex router when it is available.

    It should be just the ticket, the 716WL works perfectly as a router, however
    the VoIP side of the router is extremely buggy and unreliable.

    John G1JOD, Mar 29, 2006
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  3. usenet

    usenet Guest

    Hmm, I must check that as we do get the occasional loss of power being
    rather 'out in the sticks'.

    I don't use DHCP at all, I find it much easier to have fixed IP
    addresses for our four or five computers and a couple of other things
    on the network.

    I didn't think the Speedtouch had *anything* in the way of dial plans.

    Call waiting is my pet hate so I won't impose it on any of our
    Mine from DSL Depot looks pristine though the box was a bit old

    Well that's the right way around for me, the ADSL router side of
    things is more important than VOIP. The Zyxel 2602HW was just not
    consistently reliable at keeping its ADSL connection functioning. The
    716WL has been up and running for 48 hours now without any problems so
    has already beaten the Zyxel.

    Apparently the Draytek Vigors with VOIP also have problems on the VOIP
    side so it would seem that there really isn't a perfect solution yet.
    usenet, Mar 30, 2006
  4. usenet

    John G1JOD Guest

    After leaving the settings overnight, it seems they have now been

    The trip switch just went off and when power was restored it lost my line
    two settings that I had put in 10 mins ago!! so it seems it needs to be left
    for some time for the settings to be stored!!
    It has worked fairly well all day with only one VoIP account in use, apart
    from lack of ringing tone when someone calls me and I am using the phone.
    Seems it plays up more when using the line 2 , will play further tomorrow.
    Agreed by far the best solution, however this rather fussy phone Optipoint
    400 seems stuck in a loop on booting, until it boots you can't do a lot with
    it or configure the settings.

    Many settings can be accessed by telnet; the router has a very comprehensive
    "CLI" guide available on the speedtouch site. From this a great deal of
    settings can be customised including dial plans.

    Agreed the router is excellent and works flawlessly even on my 5KM line,
    apart from the VoIP side. The QOS is probably the best I have used with VoIP
    and the speech is very clear, its just a shame they haven't cracked the
    Telephony side fully.
    I considered the Draytek, but settled on the speedtouch after much
    Will have to wait for an all in one box that is more reliable.

    John G1JOD, Mar 30, 2006
  5. usenet

    usenet Guest

    Ah, I had seen the CLI documentation but had managed to get most of
    what I want from the web configuration so hadn't investigated further.
    It might well bear a bit more of a look then.
    usenet, Mar 31, 2006
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