Recommendation for next steps for an MCSA2003

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by LMC, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. LMC

    LMC Guest

    I'm currently at this point: 284, 270, 291, 290
    In other words, MCSA.
    I'm trying to wiegh the benefits of going the remaining path to MCSE ( those
    3 other tests) or transition to MCITP, the server 2008 track.

    Have any of you been down this road. It's not so much an employer directed
    requirement, I've been contracting for years. I'm trying to make sense of the
    possible directions I can take. Have any of you made sense of the upgrade
    path for someone at the MCSA (2003) ?

    Appericate whatever feedback you can offer.
    LMC, Aug 5, 2009
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  2. LMC

    LMC Guest

    I've just taken the time to read several other posts and it appears I'm in
    the same boat with many others, at least with the confusion factor. I have a
    feeling I'm going to have my chops broken for coming up with a lame question.
    From what I've read it seems to make sense and complete the MCSE track since
    it will not go away. So, perhaps I've anwsered my own question.

    Regards from the Midwest...
    LMC, Aug 5, 2009
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  3. LMC

    John R Guest

    I don't think anyone is going to bust any chops :) Here is the skinny...

    Are you now, or will you in the future be supporting Server 2003 and if so,
    do you think you will be using MCSE skills? MCSA typically is a
    install/configure/maintain position and MCSE typically is a planning/design
    position (at least, so says Microsoft). If you see yourself in the MCSE
    arena marketing yourself for those skill sets, then MCSE might make sense
    for you.

    From MCSA 2003, you can take 70-648 which will earn you MCTS: Server 2008 AD
    config, and MCTS: Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Config. Now, those
    credentials and 70-646 will earn you MCITP: Server Admin.
    From there, you could get to MCITP:Enterprise Admin by adding 70-643, 70-647
    and either 70-620 or 70-624.
    So, to go from MCSA 2003 to MCITP:SA to MCITP:EA, you are looking at 5
    additional tests.

    Now, go the other way. Complete MCSE 2003 with 70-293, 70-294, and 70-297
    or 70-298. Add to that 70-649 (which will get 3 MCTS's). Now, for MCITP:SA
    you need 70-646. For MCITP:EA you need 70-647 and either 70-620 or 70-624.
    In total, that would be 7 tests if you obtain both MCITP:SA and MCITP:EA.

    To obtain both MCITP:SA and MCITP:EA, you have a shorter path by not
    completing MCSE 2003. But, if the MCSE 2003 credential is important for you
    and your future plans, going the longer route might make sense.

    MCSE and MCSA will never expire and are probably (at this point) more widely
    recognized. However, because they are based on Server 2003 (which is
    already going out the door and some shops), their utility will be limited at
    some point in the future. MCTS and MCITP credentials will expire when
    mainline support for their underlying technologies expire. One would assume
    however that when MCITP:SA (2008) and MCITP:EA (2008) expire, that MCSA and
    MCSE will pretty much be useless by then anyway.

    If you are not in the planning/design arenas, then to get to MCITP:SA, you
    simply need 70-648 and 70-646.

    See, simple huh? :)

    John R.
    John R, Aug 5, 2009
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