recommend a wireless usb card

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by ler01kjh, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. ler01kjh

    ler01kjh Guest

    I want to be able to access the internet from wireless networks
    provided by shops, hotels etc.

    If I buy a wireless USB card, do they vary in speed? I understand
    there is "n" which is the fastest?

    What is the most cost effective option? I wouldn't want to buy one
    again very quickly because it was too slow for network capacities or
    not compatable.
    ler01kjh, Jan 25, 2007
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  2. ler01kjh

    Lem Guest

    Wireless speed is mostly marketing hype. More importantly, anything
    other than regular 802.11g will probably only get _any_ speed boost if
    both the adapter on the computer and the router/access point are the
    same make/model (as you would see if you read the fine print on the data
    sheet for, say, a "Turbo" G model adapter). Finally, "pre-n" means what
    it literally says: before n. That's because the new 802.11n standard
    has not yet been approved.

    As far as USB wireless adapters are concerned, consider that although
    adapters that look like thumb drives can fit in your pocket, they don't
    have much of an antenna. If you're in a Starbucks or McDonald's or
    other small location that provides wifi access, that won't matter much
    because the access point is going to be nearby. If you're in a large
    airport, however, you might have to end up like a character in one of
    those cell phone commercials, all scrunched up on the top of a bookcase
    next to a window.

    For example only, here are what Linksys sells:

    "thumb drive" type:
    "portable" USB with a real antenna:

    and for comparison, "thumb drive" type with Linksys' "SpeedBooster"
    technology: (There isn't even a data sheet for
    this one. You have to look elsewhere on the Linksys site to find out
    that "SpeedBooster: Up to 35% increase in speed over standard Wireless-G
    when used with other SpeedBooster products."
    Lem, Jan 25, 2007
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  3. Hi

    The Wireless units like preN, Speed Booster etc. are depending on a specific
    Wireless source to provide the Extra "Speed" otherwise they work as regular

    Since you plan to depend on Free public Hot Spot, there is No point to buy N
    (or Speed Booster etc.) the N is useless unless the source is N. I doubt
    that you would find any free Hot Spot that is running N. In addition, the
    current N is actually preN and probably would not be compatible when the
    actual N will come out.

    If your computer has USB2 port, buy a USB2 Wireless thumb unit.

    Also, Buy an A-A USB extension cable. Using an Extension cable you can put
    the Wireless unit high above the system and improve reception when the
    signal is weak.

    The units mentioned above by Lem are a good example to the upper-scaled

    The is an Examples for inexpensive USB2 in case you need one.

    BUFFALO WLI-U2-KG54-AI IEEE 802.11b/g USB 2.0

    LINKSKEY LKW-G750 IEEE 802.11b/g USB 2.0

    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP-Networking\)., Jan 25, 2007
  4. ler01kjh

    ler01kjh Guest

    Cool, thanks very much for the responses. I'll have a think about what
    I want based on what you've told me. Thanks.
    ler01kjh, Jan 26, 2007
  5. ler01kjh

    HevetS Guest

    Hi Lem,

    I recently changed to a Buffalo based set up and managed very nicely
    for several days with the KG54 AI usb adaptor on our inspiron 2600
    laptop. Although the unit always advised that it would work better on
    usb2 when we plugged it in, it still worked very well, but today, when
    plugged in we just get the message: 'USB device not recognized: one of
    the devices connected to ... has malfunctioned and is not recognized
    by Windows'.

    I did try it briefly on the pc, when it did seem to load the software
    and light up, but this screwed up my settings on the pc -which was
    still using a D-link adaptor up to that point - so I had to do a
    system restore to get them back, rather than press on with tests on
    the KG54 AI.

    Any advice on this?


    HevetS, Feb 7, 2007
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