Recommend a full feature (not cert oriented) simulator?

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by ve7eje, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. ve7eje

    ve7eje Guest

    I am looking for a full feature Cisco simulator that I can use for
    developing new networks. I don't really want one targeted at the
    various CCXX labs and courses. Everything I have found so far seems
    targeted at the student and is very LABcentric. If it does allow for
    free form design, has a limited device library. About the best I have
    found so far is Boson's CCNP offering which while it will allow for
    some free form design is somewhat limited in it's device library (at
    least the demo version is anyway).
    Anyone able to recommend anything?
    ve7eje, Oct 28, 2009
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  2. ve7eje

    bod43 Guest

    Dynamips with dynagen.

    Its not a simulator, but an emulator - which is good,
    and bad.

    It's good since it is a real IOS router (an arbitrary number of
    which you can run on a PC), but bad since you need
    a real IOS image. Well only bad if you can't get one:-(
    Anyone with a clue or a service contract can:)

    Obviously the number of routers that can be emulated
    on a PC is resource constrained but 6 or 8 or 10
    seemed OK on a dual core 2GHz x 2GB DRAM
    laptop on windows (cygwin). - YMMV. I have the idea
    that native linux might well be a LOT faster but have
    not yet evaluated it.

    There is also a graphical front end for dynagen.
    gns3 looks like it, never tried it tho'.

    To run a load of routers on a single PC needs a bit of care.
    It's all documented. Use less exotic routers, 2600, 3600
    instead of 7200, use sparse memory, use (oh I forget)
    whatever they call it that allows a single code image to
    service >1 router. Use 2 instances of dynamips since
    unless on 64bit OS there is not enough virtual memory.
    If you like use >1 computer. All beautifully seamless.
    I think dynamips is single threaded so if you have dual
    core you need two instances of dynamips to use
    them - can't really recall that exactly either. Have
    a go yourself.

    Whole thing is a true WORK of ART - be in AWE.

    mmap = True
    ghostios = True
    sparsemem = True
    bod43, Oct 29, 2009
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