Recent 070-310 Exam Scenarios Needed

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by tboy81, May 8, 2007.

  1. tboy81

    tboy81 Guest

    Hello All:

    I posted something similar sometime ago when i was preparing for my 070-305
    and i found the replies very helpful.

    I intend to write my 070-310 Exam (XML Web Services with VB.NET) in 2 weeks
    time but i would like to confirm some information about the exam especially
    from those who wrote it recently.

    1) How many Questions are there?

    2) The Time Slot/Duration of the exam

    3) Any Simulation questions or Fill-In-The-Gap questions?

    4) Can one Review questions after answering all the questions or once you
    answer a question you can't go back to review.

    5) Passing Score


    Tolu Babarinde
    tboy81, May 8, 2007
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  2. tboy81

    Blackmetal Guest

    By the chance, do you want to some of us resolve the exam for you too?
    Blackmetal, May 8, 2007
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  3. tboy81

    tboy81 Guest

    @"BlackMetal: Thanks but no thanks, I can write the exam on my own.i have
    already finished the syllabus.

    All I need is information about the exam conditions so as not to be caught

    I even wonder why Microsoft is not providing this information on thier site
    for all thier exams.

    Please i still need the information i requested for earlier.
    tboy81, May 8, 2007
  4. tboy81 Guest

    i want an answar to my question.........
    U r here to help ppl or to disappoint and discorage ppl?
, May 9, 2007
  5. tboy81

    Blackmetal Guest

    No, I'm not here to discourage, because myself faced the same questions at
    any moment in time, but I took the time to do my own research and then, I
    found out that nobody will tell you what kind of exam questions you might
    get, because is illegal, is against the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

    We (anybody) here might tell you about books, practice tests or tips to help
    you to get more effective study, but nobody will tell you things that are
    supossed to be secret.
    Blackmetal, May 9, 2007
  6. tboy81

    tboy81 Guest

    @BlackMetal: It looks like you are not getting my point at all. What is so
    'secretive' about knowing:

    1) How many Questions are there in 70-310 exam?
    2) The Duration of the exam
    3) Any Simulation questions or Fill-In-The-Gap questions?
    4) Can one Review questions after answering all the questions or once you
    answer a question you can't go back to review.
    5) Passing Score for the 70-310 exam

    I asked a similar question december last year (check my 12/08/2006 post) and
    i was able to get a GOOD responses which gave me an idea of the exam scenario.

    I have written 2 non-microsoft certification exams before and i had FULL
    information about the exam scenarios right from the VENDOR'S SITE. I don't
    see why a candidate should not have an idea of what to expect.

    Afterall, We all know the:
    1) Number of questions to expect in University Matriculations exams.
    2) The number of section/segments GMAT/GRE exams are divided into.
    3) The duration of exams administered by international
    institutes/professional bodies.
    4) and of course thier passing scores e.t.c.

    So what is the big deal in the simple questions i asked?

    If Microsoft, was providing all these information (which they are supposed
    to anyway), i would not have bothered posting the question in the first


    tboy81, May 9, 2007
  7. tboy81

    Cerebrus Guest

    What M$ is supposed to do and not do, is perhaps better decided by M$
    itself, rather than you. SInce the information is not provided by
    Microsoft, it can be construed that M$ does not want to put it into
    writing. I believe this is simply because the exams are flexible by
    nature. The no. of questions and time allotted can vary. You say that
    you have given other M$ exams, so you should know this.

    It is not fair to accuse Blackmetal of disappointing you. In any case,
    no one here has any responsibility towards answering any questions.

    P.S. Blackmetal: Hey buddy, please take some time to read Michael's
    article on his blog :
    (Read my comment at the end too.)
    Cerebrus, May 16, 2007
  8. tboy81

    Blackmetal Guest

    Thanks for the article, I read it already and it's very interesting.
    Blackmetal, May 16, 2007
  9. tboy81

    Blackmetal Guest

    In my prior posting, I forgot to mention something I believe in my VERY
    personal point of view, why I should not tell to anybody about a MS exam,
    and is this:

    When I was taking the 70-216 (Win2k version of the 70-291), I failed TWICE
    and the last time I took it, I got a better score than the first time and I
    ran out of time. That exam (for those who took it) it was the hardest I
    found in my path and as I said, I failed.

    Having said that: why would I tell someone about the hard questions I got
    about DNS or IPSec? why would I tell someone clues about the exam when I
    faced it by myself and my own resources?, even If I had passed it, why would
    I make someone else's life easier in telling them how to take this exam?

    I agree with the point of saying to someone some public info about the exam
    (taking the words of Michael in his article), but on the other hand, why
    would I release that information?
    Blackmetal, May 16, 2007
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