Reccommended DECT / VOIP phone?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Lobster, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    I'm looking to replace our old current household system of 3 DECT phones
    with something a bit more up to date, which doesn't have stuck-down keys
    and will get SWMBO off my back! ;-) Thing is, technology has moved on a
    bit since I last looked and I haven't a clue what to go for. Any
    suggestions please?

    - DECT cordless (3 handsets needed)
    - integral answering machine
    - Caller display
    - ?VOIP capability?

    (Not sure about the voip thing - I currently have a wireless broadband
    router and use voip comms occasionally via a softphone on the
    computer... is it feasible to have a separate DECT phone which will
    receive normal incoming calls via my ordinary landline, but if required
    will dial out via VOIP, independent of a computer? Would have to be
    totally easy and transparent to use, or SWMBO wouldn't go for it...)

    Thanks a lot
    Lobster, Aug 7, 2008
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  2. Lobster

    Christian Guest

    Christian, Aug 7, 2008
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    The base station is *separate* from the handset, so the base station can
    be wired into your router, which will probably be close to your BT line

    More handssets:

    While I've not used this particular unit, I have deployed many Siepems
    C460IP units and been quite happy with them (it's also what I have at
    home and it passes the swimbo test!)

    Gordon Henderson, Aug 7, 2008
  4. Lobster

    Tim Guest

    You are looking for a Siemens C475IP or S685IP.

    Then 2 additional handset. Either C47 or S68.

    The phone mentioned above have both normal phone and SIP (voip) calling
    in the same base.

    It is independent of your computer. It connects directly to your
    router. You just need to setup a SIP account on base. Use sipgate,
    gradwell, voipfone .....

    You can choose which `line` calls go out on.

    Tim, Aug 7, 2008
  5. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Thanks all. That looks like a pretty unanimous vote for Siemens then!

    Lobster, Aug 8, 2008
  6. Lobster

    Nick Guest

    Only had my S685IP a few days. I'm very impressed with both VoIP and
    PSTN quality, hugely better than a SPA-3102.

    I have noticed a single Caller ID failure, presumably this is a firmware
    bug? Do Siemens do firmware updates?
    Nick, Aug 9, 2008
  7. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Thanks again for the advice. Couple of follow-up q's on this phone please?:

    1. I've read here:
    "Internet and Landline Calls from 1 Handset" - I'm not sure what that's
    saying, or even if it's actually accurate from what I've also read on
    Siemens' own site. If I have three of these handsets, surely all three
    will give me full functionality won't they? Or not...?

    2. Would it be possible to register one of my old dect phones with a new
    Gigaset system? Obviously I know it wouldn't have voip capability but
    would it be possible to make and receive fixed-line calls? (I'm just
    considering that the last of my three required handsets doesn't get used
    much, and I could save by buying two rather than three Gigaset handsets
    - one of my old dect phones is still in perfectly OK order)

    Lobster, Aug 9, 2008
  8. Lobster

    Nick Guest

    I think it just means you can use both VoIP and PSTN from any of the
    handsets. All handsets seem to give full functionality in this respect.
    Yes you can if the old handset is GAP compatible. You can also make VoIP
    or PSTN lines from the old handset. VoIP is the default but you can use
    PSTN if you hold down the dial key for longer on the S68H or add * after
    the number on an old dect handset.

    I use 4 old handsets and only 1 Siemens S68H handset.
    Nick, Aug 9, 2008
  9. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Now *that* is good news on several levels. I'd assumed I'd need to try
    and train SWMBO to select VOIP on a per-call basis - defaulting is much
    I might well do likewise - at least, it's got to be worth buying a
    single phone to start with rather than a multipack.

    Lobster, Aug 9, 2008
  10. Lobster

    Dave Saville Guest

    Yes, my S450IP tells me there is an upgrade or, on this system, you
    can check if there are any from the handset or the web interface to
    the base.

    Dave Saville, Aug 9, 2008
  11. Lobster

    Christian Guest

    Now *that* is good news on several levels. I'd assumed I'd need to
    There's actually even a possibility to enter dialling rules: e.g. dial all
    number starting with "123" on VOIP-provider X, "456" via VOIP-provider Y,
    "789" via landline, etc...

    Christian, Aug 9, 2008
  12. Lobster

    Roger Mills Guest

    In an earlier contribution to this discussion,
    Sounds wonderful! No-one has mentioned a price yet - what do these things
    Email address maintained for newsgroup use only, and not regularly
    monitored.. Messages sent to it may not be read for several weeks.
    Roger Mills, Aug 10, 2008
  13. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Thanks for that - watch this space as I went ahead and ordered one: no
    doubt I'll soon have queries shortly of the
    'how-the-hell-do-you-do-this' variety ;-)
    100 squids delivered for the single-handset model. Have to say it will
    take a long time to recoup the cost based on my own calling patterns -
    it was really all the features which sold it to me.

    Lobster, Aug 10, 2008
  14. Lobster

    TheFug Guest

    Lobster schreef:
    You must keep in mind, you have full functionality, if you buy: C450IP
    set, with a C45 separate handset.
    Better buy one of the newer types: S470IP you can register more VSP's
    and make a dialplan in the set itself.

    Bedankt, Thanks,

    The Fug.

    VoIP/SIP switched by:
    A free service sponsored by
    TheFug, Aug 10, 2008
  15. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    I'm back! as predicted :-(

    I've now got my S685IP system but am having a helluva game getting it
    set up with VOIP. I already have a Sipgate account which I've used for
    some time with a softphone on my laptop when travelling; however I can't
    get my new S685IP to recognise it. I've entered my Sipgate account
    details in to the phone (tried both directly and via the web interface),
    but it just comes back with "Registration failed" and I can't figure out

    I'm connecting via a Linksys WRT54G router; is there anything I need to
    tweak with this to achieve success? IIRC I did have issues in the past
    with this model about something to do with Plug and Play - could that be
    related? Presumably I'm 'getting through' to the internet as I keep
    getting weather forecasts for spurious cities on the phone's display...

    This may be something very basic, but it's beyond my limited knowledge
    of voipy stuff. Any advice appreciated.

    Lobster, Aug 17, 2008
  16. Lobster

    tinnews Guest

    I too have Siemens DECT phones and I too have a Sipgate VOIP account
    set up on them which 'just worked' once I had put the user name and
    password in.

    I seem to remember I was confused by the Web interface asking for an
    "Authentication Name" *and* a "Username". I put my Sipgate user name
    into both these fields and it works, I'm not sure if it needs both.
    Ditto, but the weather display is pretty pointless IMHO.
    tinnews, Aug 18, 2008
  17. Lobster

    Lobster Guest

    Thanks a lot, Me - opening port 5060 on the router seems to have done
    the trick!

    Still having a lot of issues getting it all working properly; seems a
    pretty steep learning curve and it's taking forever to set up. I don't
    want to keep coming back here bleating every time I hit a wall so am
    trying to work things out for myself. Spent most of yesterday evening
    trying to get my PC Outlook contacts uploaded and synchronised with the
    handset - unsuccessfuly but did make some progress! I'm sure I'll be

    Lobster, Aug 19, 2008
  18. Lobster

    tinnews Guest

    Yes, it still surprises me (and confuses other people) when I can find
    a lost phone by phoning from one of the other phones! It does confuse
    the phones a little too, they don't seem to be able to cope with a
    missed call from themselves. (OK, I could find the lost phone by
    making an internal call but that never occurs to me first time around)
    tinnews, Aug 19, 2008
  19. Lobster

    Tim Guest

    Nobody sells them?

    The C460IP is discontinued now. Replaced by C475IP.

    There will soon be an A580IP, which is a closer replacement (cost wise)
    to the C460IP.

    Tim, Aug 31, 2008
  20. Lobster

    Dave Saville Guest

    I think he meant nobody sells two line DECT phones :)
    Dave Saville, Sep 1, 2008
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