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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by thekmanrocks, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. thekmanrocks

    thekmanrocks Guest

    No longer works with my Internet Explorer 9 on a Vista SP2 HP.

    Worked for two years until mid-December Vista updates. Even the help desk at Real can't get it going!

    It does deploy when viewing videos in 'Fox or GoogleChrome, but can't convert the effin movies without upgrading(read: $$$).

    Guess the tech who helped me missed the memo that Movie Downloader and Converter no longer work on the free ver. of Real Player?
    thekmanrocks, Jan 11, 2013
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  2. thekmanrocks

    Paul Guest

    I'd probably keep the downloading part, and do the movie conversion
    with some other program.

    What you could do with the Vista machine, is

    1) Back it up, so you can get back to your "today" state if needed.

    2) Use System Restore to return to mid-Dec2012 state, where it's

    Review updates (including, updates by RealPlayer itself),
    and see what attempts to change, once you roll back to mid-December.
    Maybe you can figure out what update broke it, then "hide" the update
    so it can't be applied.

    If the RealPlayer software itself is what got updated, it's
    fairly good odds they broke it on purpose (to make money).

    Hmmm. When I look here...

    "December 14, 2012 RealPlayer Update
    Security update."

    I think we know who broke it now :) That date
    doesn't seem to be a coincidence.

    You'd need a way to roll back that update. System Restore
    might work, but System Restore (if not configured just right),
    might also have undesirable side effects. It's unlikely the
    Real software would allow undoing their "security" update,
    but you can look in the "Program Features" or whatever and
    see if there is a separate entry for it. The Control Panel
    used to be "Add/Remove Programs" on older OSes, but they
    changed the name.

    Paul, Jan 11, 2013
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  3. thekmanrocks

    Paul Guest

    If you needed to re-install it, there are older versions here.

    This one is from before the December update.

    Real Player 27 June, 2012 (6 months ago) 26.18 MB

    Paul, Jan 11, 2013
  4. thekmanrocks

    thekmanrocks Guest

    Thanks Paul, I'll try that.

    Also, you know what the Real support specialist recommended I do? Uninstall and reinstall my internet explorer.

    Who the f€|<£ is he kidding?! Doesn't he know that Vista, 7, and 8 allintegrate IE into the OS, and that removing it will destroy the computer??

    He should be fired for suggesting that to me.
    thekmanrocks, Jan 12, 2013
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