Real Election Reform

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by D Flint, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. D Flint

    D Flint Guest

    What do you think about this and have you seen this popular site before?

    This was taken from a web site

    How can we safeguard the integrity of each vote?
    Today we have technology that protects our financial systems, military
    weapon systems and national intelligent organizations. These proven systems
    can be combined in a way to issue serialized equipment to authorize
    personnel for the dates and hours needed. Each would have their own level of
    clearance to perform the tasks they are responsible for. Each action would
    be recorded and verified with a higher levels of network authority and
    again, only available during the hours and dates needed. Ballots would only
    be printed after the voter has cast their vote but before they leave the
    booth. If the voter made a mistake he could put the printed ballot into the
    booth's scanner for correction. All ballots scanned at the booth would go
    into a shredder and the voter could then correct his ballot on the screen
    and reprint his ballots. Once the voter accepts the printed ballot he
    submits his vote on the screen and takes the two ballots to the depository.
    So two computer generated, serialized and scanner perfect receipts of the
    completed ballot are printed.* One for the voter and one for the public
    record. This would eliminate all the extra ballots that could be used for
    unauthorized voting as well as any question of voter intent. Each piece of
    equipment involved in the issuing of the receipt would be linked to the
    serial# of that ballot and an electronic document would be generated that
    exactly matched the two printed receipts. So the voter themselves has
    validate the printed ballots, keeping one for themselves, while the other
    electronic time-stamped document is deposited into an optical scanner used
    as a secure depository. This second scanned count which should always match
    the electronic count. This paper ballot could also be used for recounts if
    needed. The voter could use the receipt to inquire about their vote in the
    future. The stuffing of the ballot box or "finding ballots" would be
    eliminated. With this system, if you find a ballot, you have to find the
    voter that cast that ballot too. This is not so in any of the current
    systems in place today nor have we ever heard such a system ever proposed.
    D Flint, Jan 8, 2005
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  2. D Flint

    WormWood Guest

    "D Flint" <> :
    > What do you think about this

    Dave's not here.
    WormWood, Jan 8, 2005
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