Real Conspiracy theory's script: breaking my bones

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Justice Justice, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. Assalam u'Alekum:)
    People of the world, every blood vessel in my body hurts, because of the biological weapons they gave me, people I have feelings and all I was is justice, are you going to stand aside today, people I will on day not be around, justice is my right too.
    Mahmud Kurchu broke bones all around my body in those three days, I had fractures all over my body, chest, arms, legs any other part you can imagine. He had this metalic device(made with sliver) he brough in from somewhere, during those three days first day he broke only my right arm's bones, next day he broke a lot more bones by the end of day 2 in his jewish torture cell I had very strong fever. But this did not stop him, he did not find out anything either, he kept breaking my bones. And each time he broke my bones he laughed and said call Allah for help, call Muhammad (PBUH) for help. I don't know i guess I am not a human being, I guess I must an animal as Jews really think and treat other races like that, we were born to be raped and become mice for their biological weapon tests. Later when I was found apparently bones all over my body were broken down, other than the fratures in lower right leg, all the other bones were fractured by Mahmud Kurchu.

    This is not the only thing they did, Selgin Inan and his other students started pissing and spitting in the water, then they would tip my head in the water for very very long time, sometimes eventually I had to breath and all this water would go in my mouth.

    And God you are the only one who knows the truth, so please pass the unbiased judgement and truth and show the world that truth will revive and you are on truth's side, not the truth that I think is the truth, the truth that really is seen by you as truth, oh God.

    See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons

    download the Animatrix animations from

    My crime is, I did not sleep around and I am living in world where most
    of the people are mediocre who only care about easy life for themselves,
    I want unbiased justice, I want media to speak the truth People one day
    I will not be around, how long will we sleep, how long this world will
    ignore my cry, what kind of faith and religion allows us to see and
    accept unjustice and slavery.

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    Justice Justice, Jun 25, 2003
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