Real Bad News For XBox 360 Owners From Top Game Providers

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by E. Scrooge, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. E. Scrooge

    E. Scrooge Guest

    A problem came up in a Microsoft group with someone asking if the XBox game
    Thrillville (turns out it's only just been released) will play on a new XBox

    Plenty of info about the game on Lucas Arts and Game Review websites, but
    not one of the pricks bother to say if it will play on a XBox 360 or not.

    Tracked down a damn forum where someone had bought the game for his XBox 360
    only to find out the hard way that it's not compatible.

    Could well be that 360 version of the game will be released later on, but
    not telling people that some new games are XBox only is pretty damn poor.

    The game was going to be a boy's Christmas gift to use on the new Xbox 360
    that his mother is getting him for Christmas.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Dec 10, 2006
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  2. E. Scrooge

    Blue Guest

    What can one say... Merry Christmas Scrooge. Have some Karma.
    Blue, Dec 10, 2006
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  3. E. Scrooge

    bambam Guest

    I hope I'm not the only one that found this funny? :)
    bambam, Dec 10, 2006
  4. Given the low number of titles that are backwards compatible, I'd tend
    to take the cautious approach and assume its not backwards compatible.

    I agree that the reviews should state whether its 360 compatible or
    not for the moment - a patch may come out.
    Jason Clinton, Dec 10, 2006
  5. E. Scrooge

    E. Scrooge Guest

    Thanks, Jason.
    At the moment it's pretty misleading for the buyer when new XBox games don't
    state that on them that they won't play on the XBox 360 as well.
    Especially when it seems that some older XBox games will play on the XBox
    360 quite well.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Dec 11, 2006
  6. There is list of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatible games here

    There will be another Xbox 360 System Update with a significant number
    of new games supported, real soon now
    Nathan Mercer, Dec 11, 2006
  7. E. Scrooge

    E. Scrooge Guest

    Thanks very much for that link, Nathan.

    I'll pass that onto the person I know of in the US who's grandson is getting
    a new XBox 360 for Christmas. The boy wanted to play Thrillville a newly
    released XBox game on it.
    Perhaps a version of that game will be released for the XBox 360 within the
    next few months.

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Dec 11, 2006
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