Re: "Wizard of Oz" some alternative opinion.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by, Jun 2, 2013.

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    MBoyd00000 wrote:
    > >This is from I've never seen a classic slammed
    > >like this. It's quite interesting.
    > >
    > >"
    > >Tom Lee () from United States , October 24, 1999
    > >A horrible film translation of a classic story
    > >I find this movie to be an abominable mess. Having grown up reading the Oz
    > >books I have been waiting for an acceptable film version of my favorite
    > >book series. Wizard of Oz is garbage in my opinion. The worst part is how
    > >the film makes you think Dorothy dreamt of her trip to Oz!!! If you have
    > >read the books you know this isn't true. Also her shoes are supposed to be
    > >silver, not ruby. Read the books and trust me, the movie will seem like
    > >trash. Or buy Return to Oz, which is a MUCH better book to film translation
    > >than the VERY unforgettable Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum would not allow
    > >this sloppy translation of a movie to be released if he were alive. It's a
    > >good thing he can't see what Hollywood did to his beloved Oz. TERRIBLE!!

    > I read most of the Baum books as kid myself and enjoyed them very much. Of
    > course I saw the movie before I read any of the books. I was amazed to find
    > many of my friends didn't realize there was a whole series of Oz books and the
    > musical was not the original version. I think there is room for the musical
    > interpretation and it's a classic (the DVD really brought back some memories,
    > haven't seen it in years), but I wouldn't mind seeing new non musical Oz movies
    > as well.
    > I never have seen Return To Oz but vaguely recall the cartoon movie from the
    > 70's that had Liza Minelli as Dorthy. That could be an interesting DVD.
    > Michael Boyd
    > To read my Seinfeld Spec Script, The Tessmacher Chair, copy and paste this link

    The new Oz film from Disney is very likable, in my opinion.

    Played by Joey King as both the little crippled girl in Kansas & China Girl: "Joey King's facial features are reflected with the China Girl, which also parallels the crippled girl who wishes to be able to walk but Oz cannot oblige..."
    , Jun 2, 2013
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