Re: Update: Was Re: Lousy Canon Repair Service!! (FS4000)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by JK, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. JK

    JK Guest

    Is it a new one or a refurbished one? The hard drive makers usually
    replace drives that fail and are within the warranty period with a
    refurbished one, and not a new one.

    FOR7b wrote:

    > I finally got my Canon FS4000 scanner back today! After 3 repair attempts,
    > around 15 calls, plus $255, no communication from them, and 2.5 months I got
    > the scanner delivered in a surpisingly large box through Fed Ex. I opened the
    > box noticing how vastly improved the packing was this time. There was plenty of
    > room in the outside box and plenty of packing material. This was in stark
    > contrast to the last time they mailed it back when it was put into a small box
    > with a few sheets of paper as packing! I'm thinking to myself, "so far so
    > good." Of course I'm still skeptical after their chronic incompetence. I wasn't
    > even expecting the scanner to be working right like the last two times they
    > tried. Anyway, I unpacked it and low and behold it is a new unit! Finally, I
    > say someone was thinking over there at Canon service, or was it Canon Customer
    > relations that got the ball moving after I made such a suggestion as I had
    > previously done? Who knows since they never got back to me either after
    > promising they would along with everyone else I had spoken to.
    > Here is the first lesson with Canon service, they will not call you back! Their
    > leave a message option is worthless, they never returned those calls. Their
    > reps, including one supervisor never returned my calls after promising to do
    > so. Even the customers last resort at Customer Relations, they also did not get
    > back to me after promising they would. Good luck getting through, hence my
    > leaving messages sometimes. And of course no 800 number. Anyway on with the
    > story.
    > I opened up the box to confirm that the scanner really was a new unit and sure
    > enough the unit had a different serial number but oddly the new box also had a
    > different number. The new scanner and its box didn't have the same serial
    > numbers?? Maybe they have scanner boxes laying around or even scanners laying
    > around to be quickly used as swaps. Beats me but sloppy. Anyway, everything is
    > in the box. I even have a power cord this time. I look over the scanner to
    > check for handling damage such as scratches. Looks good though the little
    > rubber cover under thee scanner for the USB/SCSI switch is missing. Figures.
    > Anyway I hook the scanner up and start up the PC and strangely Windows
    > redetects the new unit and asks for my WIN CD as it was looking for a Canon
    > file and asking for it on the WIN CD. Strange since the software was already
    > previously installed. I cancelled that and then started up Vuescan as my
    > prefered scanning software as the Canon software FilmGet is way to agressive
    > and damaging to the scans when using FARE for dust removal. Vuescan does it
    > just right without harming the image whereas the Canon software goes nuts and
    > does mass cloning on your scans destroying much fine detail upon close and not
    > so close examination. First thing I did was scan a blank negative frame as that
    > always showed the scan lines I was getting with my original unit and thank GOD
    > what I saw was now a nice clean empty frame! Then I put in a frame with a
    > mainly clear blue sky that always showed the scan lines and thank GOD again, no
    > lines! There is a GOD! Canon finally came through and performed with a new
    > unit! Anway I just wanted to share my experience so that others may find it
    > helpful should they have to go through something similar.
    > Below is a list of tips that may be helpful for others when dealing with Canon
    > service or any other manufacturer should their camera or scanner or any other
    > product needs servicing.
    > * Document everything you do. Dates mailed, calls made, full names of personnel
    > you speak to, times, etc.
    > * Save all of their correspondence in regards to the sevice and yours. Keep an
    > accurate timeline of events.
    > * Take pictures of your equipment with say a newspaper of the day when it gets
    > shipped out showing detailed condition to hold them accountable should they
    > damage it from handling.
    > * Stay on top of them to keep things moving, but be nice. Don't give them a
    > reason to handle your case even worse than it has to be.
    > * Complain to their Customer Relations department when things are not going
    > well beyond reason. Good luck finding such a number. For Canon I called their
    > Corporate headquarters.
    > * Test your device for any handling damage and go through the full range of
    > features and options to make sure everything is working right. Make sure you
    > get all your parts back too! Had to ask for a new power cord from Canon.
    > * DO NOT USE UPS! UPS may have started the whole nightmare for me as they threw
    > the package of the original scanner over an eight foot fence just so they
    > wouldn't need to return! I have had nothing but problems with UPS leaving
    > deliveries in very insecure places where they can easily disappear. Ask for a
    > signature for delivery too if possible for packages you receive! My
    > recommendation is to use Fed Ex.
    > *Give very detailed troubleshooting steps that they should be taking to
    > reproduce the problem you may be having because as in my case they seemed
    > clueless as to where to go in that regard. If problems show up in scans then
    > provide them files on a CD, prints, etc.
    > *For new owners of the Canoscan FS4000 I would check out the scanner's
    > operation with a blank film frame as I am not the only that has experienced
    > scans with lines and by doing so you will see the worse ones. Then scan a frame
    > with say mainly a blue sky or other smooth tone and look for lines running
    > along the horizontal length of the frame, lightening and darkening to see if
    > you can see them. If you do, the scanner is broken and needs to be replaced!
    > Also consider using Vuescan as your scanning software as Canon's own FilmGet
    > software cannot have its sharpening turned off and it really does tear into
    > detail when using the dust removal feature with very agressive cloning. Vuescan
    > is much less agressive while also getting most of the dust and can batch scan a
    > film strip at least.
    > I'm sure there is more that others can add through their experiences but I hope
    > this information proves to be useful for others.
    JK, Sep 14, 2003
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  2. JK

    FOR7b Guest

    >Is it a new one or a refurbished one? The hard drive makers usually
    >replace drives that fail and are within the warranty period with a
    >refurbished one, and not a new one.

    Upon very careful inspection it looks new to me. Looking inside the scanner it
    is immaculate with not a speck of dust in sight. Sure it could have also been
    cleaned but it looks like new clean, if that makes sense. Plus the FS4000 has
    that slightly grinding gear sound from the film holder drooping upon ejection
    and this one doesn't have it, at least not yet or maybe it was designed out of
    this possible later unit. Anyway, it is working great so far and they gave me
    a warranty for six months so I'm crossing my fingers that it keeps working
    right for some time.

    FOR7b, Sep 15, 2003
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