Re: SiI sataraid 3512 PCI card driving me nuts!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Baron, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Baron

    Baron Guest

    Toby wrote:

    > Hi. I hope someone can shed some light.
    > I had the above PCI raid card installed and working in an old HP
    > xw8000 workstation to create a Raid 1 set. I had a huge problem with
    > my Win XP Pro install and took apart the Raid, kept one HDD for the
    > data, reformatted and clean reinstalled everything on the other. So
    > far so good. Now I want to recreate a Raid 1 set with the two disks,
    > and that is where the trouble begins.
    > The problem is that if I recreate the mirrored Raid with the two
    > drives, I can't boot. After the Raid card bios comes up (where
    > normally Windows starts to boot up with the splash screen), the
    > computer spontaneously reboots. I did manage to copy from the source
    > to the target drive using just the card, and the computer will boot
    > from either drive, but not both as a Raid 1. The card bios sees both
    > drives, reports both as current, says the set is OK, and after that
    > reboots.
    > I've tried and tried again reinstalling the driver. Device Manager
    > reports everything is hunky-dory, but it certainly seems to be a
    > driver problem.
    > There are only two things that I can see that have changed. First, I
    > updated to SP3 before trying to set up the Raid. The last installation
    > was also updated to SP3, but the card was originally configured with
    > SP2. I can't see how this would make a difference, however.
    > Windows Update found me a newer driver and I installed that as well
    > before trying to recreate the Raid. I now have a Sataraid Controller
    > icon in Control Panel which I never had before....hmmmm...
    > Another thing that I don't like is the reinstall. If I remove the
    > driver and reboot, Windows automatically reinstalls the driver without
    > asking me. I am then relegated to "updating" the driver on the tab in
    > Device Manager. What do you think, should I go into System32 and trash
    > the present driver and try again to uninstall/reinstall?
    > BTW I have two identical PCI cards, and swapped them just in case it
    > was a hardware fault. Same same with both.
    > If anyone has any suggestions or ideas they would be most welcome, as
    > I can't think of what else to do.
    > TIA,
    > Toby

    Are both drives marked active ? I think only the boot drive should be.

    Best Regards:
    Baron, Jan 11, 2009
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