Re: Multi-POP3 and only one inbox???

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Matt O'Toole, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Matt O'Toole

    Matt O'Toole Guest

    "Pilgrim" <> wrote in message

    > Seems that mozilla is on the cusp of finally getting me away from OE. I
    > have used opera's M2 mail it is ok. I really like foxmail but i truly
    > want mail/news integrated i.e. mozilla and OE.

    Me too. OE definately has its problems, but it's still the best design from a
    UI perspective.

    > the only thing that keeps me from using mozilla is... I have multiple
    > email addresses in OE. i create the seperate accounts, have them all
    > download to 1 inbox or perhaps another folder based on a set of rules,
    > but either way i have 1 in box, 1 sent box, 1 trash etc, then i just
    > create other folders as i need.
    > Unfortunately, mozilla creates 6 discreet accounts, so therefore i have
    > 6 inboxes, 6 sent boxes etc! Is it possible to do away with this and
    > have it like mentioned above in OE.
    > If there is, it is time to really see about switching to mozilla
    > mail/news.

    I agree. This "feature" drives me nuts too, and it's why I still prefer OE over
    Mozilla Mail.

    As to the suggestions offered in this thread:

    Running another program to consolidate mail is a wretchedly excessive kludge to
    a basic user interface design problem.

    Ditto setting up filters -- it may consolidate mail OK, but it doesn't do
    anything about the clutter.

    As for Mozilla News -- that text editor with the black line for quoted text,
    instead of plain ASCII characters, is *terrible*. News and mail are plain text
    formats, and should be treated as such. If you insist on using HTML or
    graphical crud that's fine, but not as the default interface.

    I'm amazed Mozilla Mail/News are so bad, while the browser is so good.

    Matt O.
    Matt O'Toole, Jun 22, 2003
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