Re: I KNOW I am being scammed but HOW?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by doS, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. doS

    doS Guest

    so i really need to
    know the mode of payment because i need this car urgently

    "Jim" <nospam@wherever> wrote in message
    > Hello....I own a Vintage 1977 Corvette that I put up for sale on the
    > internet... I am asking 16,500 dollars for the is a total
    > original and won trophys eye candy....anyways... I get this reply
    > from where I posted the car So I copy and paste:::
    > Hi, i want to know if the merchandise is still available for sale.Kindly
    > email me back so that i can buy it before another buyer contacts you.
    > Greetings, Wendy Brown...END of pasteing
    > I KNOW this was a scam as obviosly there was no questions about the car
    > and referring to it as I replied with this : "Yes the
    > merchandise is still for sale...." End of pasting
    > She comes back with this:
    > Hello,
    > Thanks for the swift reply, I am pleased with your price and i want you
    > to get back to me with more pictures of this merchandise because i am not
    > local. I am presently in China on business and could not come over to
    > check it out,but no worries as i am willing to handle the pick up of this
    > merchandise through a legitimate shipping agent that has their headquarter
    > situated in China, it will be picked up after payment, so i really need to
    > know the mode of payment because i need this car urgently. Hope to read
    > from you asap. End of Pasting
    > I know by now it is quite ovbious it is a mention of
    > the car or any interest in said I send this:
    > " Metod of payment is certified check that will be hand deliverred
    > that I take to the bank and cash..........or pay cash in person " End of
    > PastE
    > Then I get this:
    > Hi, thanks for the update and information, however, I can only conclude
    > this transaction only via paypal,i have been duped
    > via check and bank transfer before,that is why i selected
    > paypal( as a mode of payment because paypal is the best
    > online payment,so both of us could be on the safer side,i am a woman of
    > integrity.i am honest and dont cheat people out of their money,i own my
    > company that have a 25 number of people working for me,awaiting your
    > decision because i really need to pursue this buy
    > sincerely.
    > Thanks
    > End of paste...
    > So because all they have on me is my e:mail adress so far.....and I
    > obviosly know it IS a SCAM... I just don't understand what angle he/she is
    > using by trying paypal...A good reason why I am confused is I have never
    > had a paypal account... I have been met with the best scammers and phone
    > idiots phishing and scamming for visa etc...but I don't understand this
    > paypal thing... I won't persue this...but I would like to be educated
    > about this paypal thing and if there are frauds dealing with this so
    > called secure way of doing business... Reason why I it's great
    > to understand a crooks "angle" so I know what to avoid in the
    > future....Thanks for any takes on this angle... and a suggestion as to how
    > to trying to disect these folks without giving any info...but
    > am very interested in their craft for future... thank you....jim
    doS, Mar 21, 2010
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