Re (2): Dud: ISP so send mail directly?

Discussion in 'Linux Networking' started by, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Does that mean the ISP can determine if a clients 'stream' is going
    to: http or NTTP or <email> ?

    But then these detestible(sp) web-based mails would 'escape'?

    I was pleased, that based on feedback from this thread, I got
    `mutt` to read my gmail, which is even better than `lynx` or

    But now I realise that to SEND mutt, just uses `sendmail`.
    So I'm back where I started. And I'm not convinced that
    if I sweat-blood to get sendmail: smart-host working,
    it will be able to fake my "From: " field to make the
    mail-lists believe that I'm sending from the orininal

    What slays me, is that whereas pop & smtp to the ISP are so
    trivial, that you can just write down the steps from the RFC,
    and interactively paste them as a telnet session.

    `sendmail` seems to be as absurd as the-english-language.

    Why doesn't somebody who claims to understand it, do a
    hello-world/successive-refinment evolutionary test-sequence/
    tutorial. eg:--
    * send from root to non-root-user on the same PC.
    * send from non-root-user to root user on the same PC.
    I tried that and traced that my text had gone to /var/*,
    but couldn't 'pop' it, to get a full 'cycle'.
    * CONFIRM receipt ....
    * send from root to ISP port 25
    * send from non-root-user to ISP port xyz <-probe
    * etc.

    With a list of confirmatory traces for each stage.

    What RFC should I fetch?

, Oct 15, 2012
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