Ratio of Bytes Delayed to Bytes Sent

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by netproj, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. netproj

    netproj Guest

    I did a show traffic-shape stat on one of my hub routers configured for
    frame-relay, here is the output I recevied.

    Access Queue Packets Bytes Packets Bytes
    I/F List Depth Delayed Delayed
    Se2/0.801 0 34260790 673347899 2758814
    1991701018 no
    Se2/0.803 0 29306533 2734857450 3927828
    2851669852 no
    Se2/0.804 0 75011411 98453957 2938821
    2009853228 no
    Se2/0.806 0 43129896 3481177486 7297874
    1106032423 no
    Se2/0.807 0 27260483 3306959487 3054102
    1979534560 no
    Se2/0.808 0 38042915 319391881 5864183
    3737258671 no

    I noticed that the ratio of bytes delayed/bytes on se2/0.808 is more
    than 1, actually is 11.7?? How can the bytes sent through the interface
    and delayed by the GTS shaping queue be more than the bytes sent
    through the interface?? Isn't "Bytes" all bytes sent through the


    netproj, Dec 21, 2005
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