Rating Laptops vs. Desktops

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Joyce, May 23, 2012.

  1. Joyce

    Joyce Guest

    Is there a formula or way to compare the speed of today's laptops to
    older desktop computers? Since the companies seem to downplay
    processor speed, it's harder to do.
    Joyce, May 23, 2012
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  2. Joyce

    Paul Guest

    They're called "benchmarks" and they have to be carefully
    selected to study a particular aspect of the processor.

    On my systems here, I might use "SuperPI" which is a math
    calculation. You can set it up so it fits within cache
    (calculate a small number of digits) or set it so it
    has a memory footprint larger than the cache. If a fair
    comparison is desired, then both processors have to be
    put at the disadvantage of the program not fitting in cache.

    Between my P4 and Core2 based systems, I might have found
    a completion time ratio of 1.5x or 1.7x or whatever. The Core2
    is faster, clock for clock. A 3GHz Core2 equals a 4.5GHz Pentium 4.

    That benchmark compares execution on a single core of a multi-core
    processor. As such, it states the more pessimistic gain to be
    expected from a processor. If your old processor had a single core,
    your old software was single threaded, you got a new multi-core
    processor, a single core on the new processor might still be used
    to run the old software. SuperPI helps you decide what the "worst"
    performance ratio might be. In my case, I have a dual core. If my
    old software uses a single core, I see 1.5x to 1.7x. If my software
    was multi-threaded, I might see 3.0x to 3.4x, as both cores are
    running the software.

    Most sites providing benchmarks "drink the Koolaid" (Intel promotional
    material) and only show multithreaded benchmarks. This tends to
    over-emphasize the performance of the new processor. You might find
    that a typical application mix, has very little multi-threaded
    software. Some games are multi-threaded, but not in a symmetric
    way (core split 100-30-30-30 perhaps). Photoshop has been multi-threaded
    for years, but Photoshop only has multi-threading for half of the image
    filters. The reason for that, is some algorithms, cannot be effectively
    split amongst multiple cores, so they remain single threaded. And thus,
    if a person is estimating performance, they could easily use the
    SuperPI benchmark result as an indicator.

    SuperPI results are recorded on hwbot.org , but the problem with that
    site is an emphasize on overclocking the CPU. Which makes the site
    worthless for people seeking to compare processors. There are some
    processors, where I can't get a rating at the CPU stock speed.

    The best compromise is this site. Benchmark is multi-threaded, overestimates
    the results, but at least you have *something* to compare with. Each CPU
    receives a "PassMark" result. Now if someone could do a "SuperPI" site like
    this, that would be a nice complement to the PassMark info. I feel there is
    room on a benchmark site, for both kinds of benchmarks.



    The Windows Experience Index, is something Windows calculates. There are
    forums filled with "well, I got a 7.9". I can't see the point really - I'd
    rather have something a bit more concrete, such as numbers I can take ratios of.
    Passmark will do that for you. You can't take ratios of the Windows computed
    numbers, as no attempt is made to make them linear. If one machine gets 7.9
    and another 7.8, does that tell me when my movie render will finish ?


    (From one of the reference links in the article...)

    "Achieving the maximum Windows 7 WEI score of 7.9 requires nothing short
    of the best of the best hardware components on the market."

    Paul, May 23, 2012
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