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  1. i am a documentary lover and I am interested in trading and/or selling
    my DVDs. All of these movies are on DVD, excellent quality, and will be
    shipped within 24 hours of getting payment. I have over 710 feedback
    with paypal, so your purchases are insured and covered.
    Thank you and email back if interested at: Michelangelo098 @ aol .
    com (I have to type it that way or google blocks out the email). If
    you dont understand the email, try;

    Michelangelo098 at AOL DOT COM - email me for trade or buys- or a more
    extensive list- this is only about 50% of what I have.

    High on Crack Street: lost Lives In Lowell: HBO America Undercover:
    Follows the lives of an aspiring actress, a thief, and a professional
    boxer who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard as they smoke crack, move from
    house to house, hustle and fight. One of the best and most sought after
    HBO docs.
    Small Town Ecstasy: HBO America Undercover: A family uses Ecstasy-
    father gives 13 year old son Ecstasy and parties with his kids.
    The Agony of Ecstasy: American Justice episode: The use of Ecstasy
    skyrockets in the US.
    Junkie Junior: HBO America Undercover A man in the Bronx steals daily
    to support his heroin use. Filmed in the early 80's, a bleak look at
    the life of a homeless street junkie. WARNING: graphic IV drug use.
    Gang Wars: Banging in Little Rock (1994 original) HBO America
    Undercover: Inside gang life in Little Rock, Arkansas. WARNING: Drive
    by shooting caught on tape.
    Gang Wars: Back to The Hood (10 years later) HBO America Undercover:
    HBO goes back to Little Rock 10 years later to follow up on the
    original Bangin' In little Rock)
    American Justice : "The Junkie Next Door": Middle-class women with
    families that are addicted to heroin and crack.
    Rehab: HBO America Undercover: 5 teenagers try to get clean from IV
    heroin and cocaine use. WARNING: OD caught on film.
    Dope sick Love: HBO America Undercover: 2 homeless couples that are
    crack-cocaine and heroin addicts try to survive on the streets of New
    York. WARNING: Graphic drug use and domestic violence.
    Crank Made In The USA: HBO America Undercover: People living in Iowa
    try to kick using Methamphetimine. WARNING: Graphic drug use.
    Meth: A County In Crisis: Small, rural town are decimated by
    methamphetimine abuse.
    Meth Death: Rehab style film about meth abuse.
    Meth's deadly High: Frank and frightening look at meth use and abuse,
    and how it is sweeping the nation in a deadly cycle.
    The Ice Man Confesses: Confessions of Mafia Hit Man: HBO America
    Undercover: A man who was a hired killer for the Gambino family tells
    about his hundreds of murders.
    Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer: HBO America Undercover:
    A Christian women and her attorney adopt the female serial killer in an
    attempt to get paid for information and access to her. An interview
    with Aileen herself.
    Biography: Aileen Wuornos: Inside look at the first female serial
    killer. Rare pictures, and good interviews.
    Serial Killer: Dr. Shipman: Notorious London doctor that killed
    hundreds of people by overdosing them with heroin.
    Black Tar Heroin: The Dark Side: HBO America Undercover: Bleak look at
    5 black tar heroin users in California. WARNING: Graphic drug use and
    descriptions of child sexual abuse. Includes 2004 updates on all the
    characters in the documentary. Excellent look at this highly deadly
    Lalee's Kin: The legacy of cotton farming: HBO America Undercover: A
    black women in rural Mississippi struggles to raise her family after
    being forced in a life of picking cotton at the age of 6 years old.
    Latin Kings: A Street Gang Story: HBO America Undercover: Inside look
    at New York's most notorious street gang. One of the best docs on
    Living Dolls: The Making of Child Beauty Queen: HBO America Undercover:
    A women pushes her daughter to compete in child beauty pageants.
    Polygamy in Utah: Frank and sometimes frightening look at Polygamy in
    Utah. Runs 2 hours long.

    Painted Babies: Children who compete in beauty pageants, the parents
    who spend thousands to promote their children's pageant life. Life of
    Crime 1 (One Year in a life of Crime): HBO America Undercover: 80's
    film about drug addicts that support themselves shoplifting. WARNING:
    Graphic domestic violence caught on film.
    Life Of Crime 2: HBO America Undercover: 10 years later we find the
    same 3 people addicted and struggling to raise kids. Bleak look at how
    kids suffer with addicted parents. GREAT documentary. WARNING: Graphic
    IV drug use.
    Intervention (entire first season): People agree to be on a show about
    addiction, but do not know their families will do an intervention on
    them. Covers alcoholism, heroin, cocaine, crack, gambling, eating
    disorders, and more. Great shows. WARNING: some scene of graphic drug
    Smashed: Toxic Teens and Alcohol HBO America Undercover: Follows 5 kids
    after being in serious alcohol related accidents. WARNING: Graphic
    hospital and surgery scenes.
    Dwarfs: Not A Fairy Tale HBO America Undercover: A look at the life of
    little people.
    HBO America Undercover: Crack Town, USA: Documentary from the 1980's
    about the rise of crack use. Aired in 1989 on HBO, one of the original
    HBO America Undercover documentaries.
    Hooked: illegal drugs and how they got that way: cocaine History
    channel special on how cocaine came to be illegal, a look at when they
    were legal.
    Hooked: illegal drugs and how they got that way: Opiates: History
    channel special on how opiate became to be illegal and demonized.
    Locked-up The Prisoners of Rikers Island: HBO America Undercover: An
    inside and hard look at New York's biggest jail. WARNING: VERY frank
    and often graphic talks of sex between men and pictures and footage of
    Return To Rikers Island: Back to Rikers Island.
    Tales From Jail: Rikers Island
    Lockup: Folsom prison: an inside look at Folsom prison
    Lockup: Riverbend prison: an inside look at Riverbend prison
    Lockup: Joilet prison: an inside look at Joilet prison
    Lock-up: San Quentin an inside look at San Quentin
    Lock-uP: Valley State Look inside a women's penitentiary.
    Lock up: Girls in Juvenile Girls in juvenile and their crimes.
    The Farm: Angola Prison: 2 hour special on one of Louisiana's toughest
    prisons, 85% of inmates die there.
    Chernobyl Heart HBO America Undercover: go into the world's most
    radioactive city. Children of Chernobyl who have extreme deformities
    due to radiation.
    Broken Child: HBO America Undercover Children who have suffered extreme
    abuse, mothers who use drugs while pregnant. WARNING: Graphic and often
    disturbing drug use by pregnant women.
    American Gangs: History: How gangs were formed in the US, a look into
    gang life.
    Into the arms of Strangers: German children separated from their
    parents in the holocaust.
    Party Monster: the story of the "club kids" and Michael Alig: American
    Justice looks at the infamous club kids and the murder of Angel
    Hernandez. Actual photos and footage from parties.
    Methadonia: HBO Undercover: Documentary follows several methadone
    patients through the system.
    Xiara's Song: A little girl suffers due to her Dad being in jail.
    Twist Of Faith: A firefighter finds out the new home he moved into is 3
    houses down from a priest who sexually abused him as a teenager.
    Pretty Things: Burlesque dancing history.
    Hoop Dreams: Impoverished kids hoping that basketball is the ticket out
    of a life of poverty.
    Paradise lost: The Robin Hood Hills Child Murders Part 1: Three young
    boys are brutally murdered by teenagers. WARNING: Graphic scenes of
    murdered children.
    Paradise lost: The Robin Hood Hills Child Murders Part 2: 10 years
    later how the trial of 3 boys has affected the town.
    The E! True Hollywood story: John Holmes and the Wonderland murders
    VERY rare True Hollywood story. 2 hours long- commercials edited out-
    Very rare photos, clips and interviews with Holmes and his family.
    Photos of the actual murder victims, and tons of rare information.
    Born Into Brothels: HBO America Undercover: children born into the
    red-light district in India. WARNING: Contains scenes of child abuse,
    and children being verbally abused.
    Children of Lenengradsky: Homeless children that live in Russia's
    underground tunnels.
    Cannibals: HBO Undercover About humans who have eaten other humans for
    either pleasure, nessity, or sick obsession.
    The Farm (Angola Prison): HBO documentary about Angola, one of the
    nations harshest and toughest prisons. Follows on 17 year old boy
    sentenced to life.
    Just Melvin, Just Evil (HBO Undercover): A man who abused man children,
    sexually and physically gets away with it. One of his victims makes a
    movie, determined he will pay.

    I also have TONS more movies I just got in, over 100 dealing in
    everything from suicide, all drugs, rehab, kids, everything. Let me
    know. =)
    Michelangelo098, Oct 3, 2006
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