Rant: USB, ADSL and BitTorrents.

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by ~misfit~, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. ~misfit~

    Chris Hope Guest

    Sounds like a good idea to me if it's possible. Also it would be good
    for them as it means less data being transferred all around the place
    including to and from overseas.
    Chris Hope, Oct 29, 2005
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  2. ~misfit~

    Bling Bling Guest

    You *are* allowed to make a copy for the purposes of time-shifting.

    Now, where does it say that "time-shifting" exclusively means to delay?

    Bling Bling
    Bling Bling, Oct 29, 2005
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  3. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Handy to know, thanks. I guess I'd better find a client.
    Bummer, the US is up to episode 3, 4 due to air on 1st Nov.
    Ok, another of the few I watch. That Abby is something else huh? I noticed,
    watching series 1 of 24, that she has a bit part in that, as a blonde.
    Ain't it grand?
    ~misfit~, Oct 29, 2005
  4. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I agree that 'big business' is going too far. I'm just pleased that pretty
    much whatever they come up with, there are brighter, more motivated 'freedom
    fighters' who will crack it.

    I don't mind paying for CDs or DVD rentals etc. but I *insist* on the right
    to retain a copy of whatever I've bought in whatever format I choose.
    ~misfit~, Oct 29, 2005
  5. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Aww! baby talk. How cute. Any reason you talk like that?
    What a man.
    In your (distorted) opinion.
    Strange, I've had a static IP for about a year now.....
    ~misfit~, Oct 29, 2005
  6. ~misfit~

    Chris Hope Guest

    You must be patient - by my calculations that'd take something three
    months on dialup.
    Chris Hope, Oct 29, 2005
  7. ~misfit~

    Bling Bling Guest

    Most likely - but probably longer - because I'm also getting other
    torrents as well. :eek:)

    Bling Bling
    Bling Bling, Oct 29, 2005
  8. ~misfit~

    Chris Hope Guest

    What are you getting that's so big?
    Chris Hope, Oct 29, 2005
  9. ~misfit~

    Craig Sutton Guest

    I'm taking a guess at t"Married with Children" complete episodes all seasons
    Craig Sutton, Oct 29, 2005
  10. ~misfit~

    Bling Bling Guest

    11 seasons of an old TV programme that is not available (AFAIK) on DVD.

    Bling Bling
    Bling Bling, Oct 29, 2005
  11. ~misfit~

    Bling Bling Guest

    Yup. :eek:)

    I recorded every episode onto VHS tape as it was broadcast here. It's just
    so outrageously, and funnily un-PC.

    Bling Bling
    Bling Bling, Oct 29, 2005
  12. ~misfit~

    Craig Sutton Guest

    Sky were showing it around 11p.m each night but stopped I think around
    series 6 or 7. I see they have started showing it again but in a 6.pm slot.
    Not sure which series they are showing.
    Craig Sutton, Oct 29, 2005
  13. ~misfit~

    Brendan Guest

    5 KB/sec? 5 bloody kilobytes a second ?!?! We Dream of 5 kilobytes a

    Oh, some one really likes you! I don't know what you did to get the royal
    treatment, you lucky bastard.

    You lucky, lucky bastard!

    I've been here for over ten YEARS - they only let me download last week!

    Oh, you lucky, lucky bastard!


    .... Brendan

    #376790 +(3779)- [X]

    Mike3285: wtf is a palindrome
    MaroonSand: no its not dude

    Note: All my comments are copyright 29/10/2005 9:42:21 p.m. and are opinion only where not otherwise stated and always "to the best of my recollection". www.computerman.orcon.net.nz.
    Brendan, Oct 29, 2005
  14. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    I waited to reply to this as I was trying out a couple other apps. I'm yet
    to see a download go above 20kb/s using a p2p app on a 2MB connection.
    Apparently not as packet sniffing for layer 7 (regardless of ports, to get
    around port-throttling) was confirmed to be being used for traffic shaping
    here by Craig a while back. I don't understand it but remember Craig saying
    Some of us suffered for months with crap connections though. I got an email
    yesterday informing me I'm going onto their tolls package tomorrow. I hope
    they get that right. Be interesting to see what call-quality is like.
    All reseller businesses have the same situation. Orcon seem to have finally
    LOL, I think they must have, or even something better.
    ~misfit~, Oct 29, 2005
  15. ~misfit~

    -=rjh=- Guest

    You are right - and even better, have a look at
    especially the pie graph near the bottom.

    That is a pretty clear guide as to what is going on. Quite an eye-opener
    in fact.

    From the page: Domestic p2p traffic is unshaped, but this has happened
    only recently.
    -=rjh=-, Oct 29, 2005
  16. ~misfit~

    ~misfit~ Guest

    Indeed. I haven't looked at that page for a while. Looks like, unless they
    get another ATM on-line *very* soon it's all going to turn to custard
    _again_. They're aggresively pushing the 2M plans and they're running at 95%
    capacity based on average load over the day? I'd say that's 100% (in other
    words congested, not living up to the advertised specs) for the 18 hours
    that most people would be using it and maybe 60% between 3am and 6am.
    Averages out to ~95% (math nazis feel free to correct me, I'm just offering
    rough figures) and sounds better than saying "We can't meet our contracted
    obligations with our current infastructure"
    Yes. However, international p2p traffic *is* shaped. I'd hazard a guess and
    say 90%+ of my p2p sources are international and I don't have a way to
    control my client to prioritise national traffic.

    Also, from that page:

    "Due to some design issues on Telecoms end the current maximum achieveable
    speed on a 2M connection is closer to 1.5M."

    So how can they get away with describing and selling these plans as 2M?
    ~misfit~, Oct 30, 2005
  17. Even tho' Telecon (et al.) don't like people using their network to move
    A cache for P2P? Since when? How do you know? Kazaa have caches but as the
    amount of Kazaa has gone down to nearly 0 it won't make much of a different.
    The largest P2P App Bittorrent
    it is quite hard to cache.

    Craig Whitmore, Oct 30, 2005
  18. ~misfit~

    Shane Guest

    Seems like a bad idea.
    In effect its saying Telecom are distributing copyrighted files illegaly
    ie. They are storing the files, and then redistributing them
    Shane, Oct 30, 2005
  19. ~misfit~

    scoot Guest

    Try the bit torrent program Azureus, i can easily get 32kb/sec while
    uploading less than 1kb
    scoot, Oct 30, 2005
  20. ~misfit~

    shannon Guest

    You are allowed to make a copy from the transmission, not from someone
    elses copy.
    shannon, Oct 30, 2005
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