RAM - 2gb becomes 4gb becomes 2gb

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by b, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. b

    b Guest


    i had 2gb of ram, bought another 2gb (2x more 1gb sticks to fill in the
    remaining 2 slots on mobo)...

    same exacy brand, same exact speed/capacity/everything

    when i booted up, windows only recognized 3gb ... but i googled a little and
    found an article that said windows won't use more than 2gb unless told to
    use 3gb (how? i couldn't find boot.ini, just a backup of it)

    but i kept crashing ... over and over ... randomly ...

    so i took it out and it's sitting on the desk, and i'm trying to figure out
    if i just wasted some money

    (i realize that while going over 2gb isn't going to benefit the normal user
    every day, i have a program that runs out of memory under certain settings
    with my current 2gb, so i assumed it could benefit from more ... that alone
    is worth it to me...but if windows *can't* use over 3gb, should i just be
    using 1 of the gig sticks?)

    thanks in advance
    b, Apr 27, 2006
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  2. b

    Jimchip Guest

    oooo, how much did that cost?
    Did you make sure the RAM was seated correctly? You should be able to enter
    the BIOS at boot-up and see how much memory is available...before Windows
    does anything. Any 32-bit Windows should be able to use 4GB, though I know
    of some problems with Win98/me.

    Are you sure your motherboard supports 4GB? It may have been designed with a
    lower limit. 4 slots doesn't mean it holds 4x1GB necessarily.
    It's not windows but if it is a 3GB limit then 2x512MB might save you some
    It wouldn't hurt to mention what windows, what motherboard, etc.
    Jimchip, Apr 27, 2006
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  3. b

    Jerry Attic Guest

    Some chipsets of Dual parallel DIMMS will only recognize up to 3 gigs of
    RAM. Check the manual of the manufacturer of your motherboard for

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    Jerry Attic, Apr 27, 2006
  4. b

    Ingeborg Guest

    That's not true. Windows (the newer versions) can handle as much memory as
    the processor can. For the Pentium III that is 64 GB. However, a process in
    Windows can only address 4 GB. (without tricks like AWE).
    Normally, Windows uses the upper 2 GB for kernel and other system stuff,
    leaving 2 GB available for the application. But with a switch in boot.ini
    you can make the 1/3 GB. For a description on boot.ini switches:
    Ingeborg, Apr 27, 2006
  5. b

    Tony Guest

    Windows XP will only recognise 4GB of memory in total and that includes
    pagefile and graphic card memory of which it will it will only recognise 3GB
    of RAM. Turning off the pagefile may help but if you get errors, then you
    would be best to turn on the page file and run with 3GB. The 64bit version
    of XP can work with up to 16GB of RAM or W2003 can utilise 32GB for 32 bit
    or 64GB for 64 bit.
    Tony, Apr 27, 2006
  6. b

    Ingeborg Guest

    I talked too fast. Only the 'Advanced Server and 'Datacenter server'
    editions can use the extended adressing, to use more than 4GB.
    Ingeborg, Apr 27, 2006
  7. b

    b Guest

    total cost of RAM was $310 or so, minus shipping

    bios says 4g+ (you know, 4182250k or whatever it is)

    does the reading in my bios have anything to do with whether or not the ram
    is good/broken ?

    ALSO - i noticed while i was in there that i had the voltage to my dimm
    slots at 2.8, when default is 2.6, so i changed it right back ... all that
    time, the first 2 sticks had no problems, but could it be that the new ones
    did? they're identical, so is there some phsyical/mechanical reason why the
    older sticks would work with the higher voltage but the newer ones wouldn't?

    my mobo is Abit's AT-8 (rd480-uli)

    how do i check if it only supports 2gb instead of 4gb? the advertisement
    says it can handle up to 8gb (but who believes advertisers?) ... all the
    other mobo's in this one's bracket all support 4gb, so i assume i support
    srry...windows xp w/ sp2 and the ram is g.skill ddr 500
    b, Apr 27, 2006
  8. b

    b Guest

    my manual says up to 4gb of ram is supported, but it says 400/333/200 - not
    500, which is what i have ... and 2gb of 500 runs great, but the 4gb keeps
    crashing me

    the manual also says the ram needs to all be identical, which it is ... but
    that clearing CMOS memory should be done if there are any "memory module
    related problems"

    is that me? is that what i have to do?
    b, Apr 27, 2006
  9. b

    b Guest

    i did the cmos clearing the way my manual said, but i still crash

    i really need help and have no idea what's wrong

    i also switched the sticks and ran with only the new 2, so i know all the
    ram is good

    b, Apr 27, 2006
  10. b

    Peaches Guest

    Go here:

    Download/Install/Run Belarc Advisor with
    only the original bank of 2gb RAM installed.
    You'll receive a report.

    Shutdown, install the additional bank of 2gb.
    Then again Run Belarc advisor.
    Compare reports.

    Additionally, the Worlds largest supplier of RAM
    the respected http://www.crucial.com/
    has an online scan tool
    Scroll down to "Crucial system scanner"
    and click: "Scan my system".

    Both of the above tools should find any problems
    with RAM configuration on your PC.
    Peaches, Apr 27, 2006
  11. b

    Jimchip Guest

    Yep. That's quite an expense.
    Well, if it wasn't seated correctly then it wouldn't show up. There's a
    memory check- I suppose that's working OK. As long as there's no funny beeps
    at boot up then it looks like you have 4 good GB.
    I actually think that you solved your problem. Your dual memory doesn't like
    higher voltages. Run it at the default level.
    A socket 939 AMD64 Athlon.
    It should support 4GB.
    Jimchip, Apr 28, 2006
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