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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Roy, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Can you folks help me review and help me write the correct steps?


    Quickstart #1: For someone who wants an initial backup to CD-RW of all
    of the contents of My Documents and then wants to automatically add
    new and changed files at the end of each day.

    1. Insert formatted CD-RW into the appropriate drive
    2. Open Back4WinXP
    3. Click NewZip
    4. Double-Click on the Drive for your CD-RW
    5. In the box at the bottom of the dialogue box, type the name for
    your back up file. For example, you might end up with F:\Daily Backup
    6. Click OK
    7. Under "Browser", open to c:\document and settings\users name\My
    Documents. Check the box by My Documents.
    8. Under "Basic and Stealth", check "Backup Changed New/Partial"
    9. Make sure that DateTimeStamp and SPAN are also checked.
    10. Click Scheduler.
    11. Check each of the weekdays you want to do the backup.
    12. Set the time you want to do the backup. Note that you may have to
    use the right arrows to get to the AM/PM part of the timer.
    13. At this point, you would like to Name the Job file, but from
    previous messing around with the software, you probably won't be able
    to do this. It won't left you name the job file. So you probably have
    to start over at Step 3. If you are lucky, you might end up with
    c:\ProgramFiles\backup\back4win\daily backup
    14. At this point you want to "Save Job", but the button is dimmed. So
    that function doesn't work. If you try to go to File and Save Job, you
    will get a note that tells you "No ZIP Name", even though you created
    a name at step 3. So go to Step 3 and start over.
    15. If you are lucky, the "Save Job" button is now available, so click
    "Save Job". The job name will slightly differ from "Daily Backup", but
    by now who cares. For some reason it tells you that you have already
    saved the job. It is saved to the CD, not to the location of Back4Win.
    Note that Back4Win will hereafter look for the file in the wrong
    place, so you will spend a lot of time walking it though to your CD.
    16. It seems the SET button is now available, so click Set.
    17. Under Options-Main Program-Start, verify that Start Minimized and
    Startup are both checked. Also, make sure it is set to Minimize to
    18. Minimize the program.
    19. At this point, it is useful to restart your computer to see if all
    your settings and stuff work.
    20. So, click Start-Turn Off Computer-Restart.
    21. You will see a dialogue box that says "Are you sure you want to
    close Back4WinXP? Click yes.
    22. You will see a box that says "Access Violation at address 005395A2
    module in 'back4win.xp Read 0000009C. Click OK.
    23. Repeat step 19.
    24. When your computer re-boots, you will find a little picture of a
    kiwi in your system tray. Click it once to open the program.
    25. Note that the Browser part of the window no longer has check
    boxes. This means that you have no idea whether the program retained
    your settings.
    26. Also note that while you originally checked Backup Changed/New,
    that box is no longer check. Now it says Backup All Selected Files.
    Whether to change this or not is anybody's guess.
    27. Look at your Option settings. Everything looks OK.
    28. Look at the Scheduler. Everything looks OK.
    29. At this point, you are completely in the dark about whether the
    program is going to do anything.
    30. Have fun with your program!

    Roy - Carpe Noctem
    Roy, Nov 2, 2003
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