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Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Ashwin, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Ashwin

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    I am currently preparing to appear for this, and had some questions which
    some of you that have already passed this exam might be able to answer.
    Apologies if these are frequently asked - I did not see an FAQ.

    * The self-preparation guide book from MS press - .NET Framework 2.0
    Application Development Foundation by authors Northrup, Wildermuth and Ryan
    covers most of the material, not all. The book comes with a CD on which there
    are practice tests. How close are these test questions to the questions on
    the actual test? I ask about not just the format of the questions (some of
    the questions are single choice, some multiple choice and some where you have
    to move selections from the right half of the screen to the left), but also
    to the content itself.

    * It appears that the test is 45 questions long, and must be completed in
    135 minutes. Are there any sections that are timed within this period (a
    subset that is timed to a specific period)?

    * Are cheat-sheets allowed? I am guessing no, but the test requires one to
    remember certain lengths of types, sizes of hashes, etc. I guess this is ok,
    but in real life, you always have reference books to look this up. Not sure
    why the test requires one to memorize sizes of things, when there are more
    important things to remember.

    * Do you get a score right away, or do you have to wait for a few days? If
    so, how many?

    * What is the max score for this test, and what is the passing score?

    * Does anyone know of a good place to take some practice tests online - free
    or otherwise?

    Thanks for reading and even more so to the people who respond.
    Ashwin, Apr 29, 2007
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