questions - network expansion - x3500-xl GigaStack vs G5483 1000BaseT - 3550-12T vs 3750G-24TS

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Joel M. Baldwin, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Our network is getting re-done and we're going to end up with 18 2950
    and 3548 edge switches. Since we currently only have a single 8 port
    3508G core switch, we're going to be way short of ports!

    We need to either get additional core equipment or put up with the
    degradation of cascading a bunch of switches.

    I need to get some questions answered to know what equipment to

    1.) On the connection between core and edge switches when using GBIC
    modules, does it make any difference between 1000Base-T,
    1000Base-SX, or GigaStack. Ok, so some can go farther, or are
    more resistant to harsh conditions, or have a different cost
    for the GBIC module. Would they have the same configuration
    options such as bandwidth aggregation ( EtherChannel? )

    2.) Can I use 1000Base-T switch ports such as those on a 3550-12T
    or 3750G-24TS as a core switch? The 1000Base-T ports on the
    core switch would attach to a G5483 1000Base-T GBIC module on
    the edge switches.

    3.) Is there a SFP module that will do GigaStack or 1000Base-T?

    4.) Can I go from the SFP ports on the 3750G-24TS to a GBIC port
    on the existing 3508?

    I'd like to use a 3750G-24TS to interconnect the edge switches
    and have some extra ports to enable me to have some 1000Base-T
    machines on the floor. To interconnect the 3508 and 3750 I would
    use two SFP and GBIC ports in a Giga EtherChannel.

    Is this possible? Does it sound reasonable/practical?

    Joel M. Baldwin, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. Joel M. Baldwin

    Andre Beck Guest

    Essentially, yes, they are all the same. The only real difference is that
    GigaStack can operate as a simplex ring connecting more than two switches
    in a shared medium way (using just one GBIC port). This is, however,
    probably not what you really want. I've never used GigaStack other than
    as a PTP link (prior to 1000BaseT, that is).
    Of course.
    I don't see a problem.
    I don't expect one. GigaStack was never too popular, and 1000BaseT is
    often available in parallel with SFP on those boxes that have SFP. If
    there are no such shared ports, the box probably has enough 1000BaseT
    ports anyway. I expect SFPs are mostly for fiber, be it SX or LX.
    Yes, of course. It's 1000Base-SX (or -LX) on both ends, just another
    form factor. This even works inter-vendor, been there, done that more
    than once. It's essentially what standards are for ;)
    Sounds like a good plan.
    Reasonable. I'm not fully aware of how well the XL series performs when
    it comes to Gig-Etherchannels, I started using them without any problems
    on the 3550 platform. But if they can be at all configured, they will
    Yes, and yes. The 3750 series would be my choice of core switch as well
    (if there is no need for a much larger footprinted modular solution).
    Due to its stacking feature (the first true stacking from Cisco, forget
    about GigaStack), it can easily grow some way and could outperform some
    modular solutions (like the Cat 4000 series) in certain topologies for
    a fraction of their price.
    Andre Beck, Oct 23, 2003
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  3. Joel M. Baldwin

    chris Guest

    Yes, but each port becomes 1/2-duplex.
    chris, Oct 24, 2003
  4. Joel M. Baldwin

    Andre Beck Guest

    Of course. I thought that my wording ("simplex", "shared medium") was
    clear enough about that ;)
    Andre Beck, Oct 25, 2003
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