Questions about the free T-Mobile Personal CellSpot 4G LTE SignalBooster

Discussion in 'Wireless Internet' started by Bob Pack, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. Bob Pack

    Bob Pack Guest

    After complaining about my 4G/LTE signal strength, T-Mobile sent me,
    this two-piece CELL-Fi signal booster cellular signal extender
    called a "T-Mobile Personal CellSpot 4G LTE Signal Booster":

    Following the printed instructions, I set the "window unit" in an upstairs
    window, and it got LTE and two bars; and then I put the "coverage unit"
    as far away as I could, and it got a number of "9" (whatever that is supposed
    to mean).

    My main question is whether this will work if I take it with me when I travel,
    or if it only works where I live (T-Mobile said they "set it up" for where I
    live, but that might just be for 911 purposes?). They also say I have to tell
    them if I move it, which implies that it will work anywhere. Does it?

    My secondary question is whether I'm now feeding all my neighbors off of
    this Cell-Fi signal, if they're also on T-Mobile, and if that's a good or
    bad thing. (If it were my WiFi router, that would be a bad thing.)

    My tertiary question is what the "9" literally means on the re-transmitter?
    The T-Mobile instructions say you want as large a number as possible, and,
    it further says that smaller apartments might end up with smaller numbers,
    but it doesn't say WHAT that "9" is supposed to be indicating.

    Since I didn't ask for this unit (all I wanted was better signal), can you
    tell me some of the implications (good or bad) of using it at my home?
    Bob Pack, Feb 16, 2015
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  2. Bob Pack

    Alan Browne Guest

    It may be a 911 issue, or it may be that they've set it up to work with
    a specific cell station near your house.
    Could be. But as long as you get good bandwidth it doesn't matter.
    Probably a dumbed down quality of signal scale. 0 bad. 9 best. (or 10
    best, or whatever).
    Power consumption and yet another ugly widget in the house.
    Alan Browne, Feb 16, 2015
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  3. Bob Pack

    Bob Pack Guest

    That's why I had asked.
    a) Is T-Mobile locking the Cell-Fi device to a specific tower?
    b) Or, do they warn not to move it just because of the 911 location?
    I was just wondering if the Cell-Fi (Cel-Fi?) repeater was helping the
    neighbors, or not. Does anyone know if Cell-Fi extenders only work for
    my phone line, or if they work for everyone in the vicinity?

    I wonder what the range is. I guess I could test it by going outside
    and walking the perimeter, with and without the Cel-Fi powered up.
    Actually, it can't be that, because the instructions say to get as
    far away as possible, where the number will be larger.

    So, it's not signal strength most likely. It's more likely some measure
    of DISTANCE, which, I guess, turns into COVERAGE.

    But, it would be best not to guess and find someone technically
    knowledgeable in this (I'm not, and it's hard to get expert tech
    support at T-Mobile as you can imagine).
    I'm wondering if there are any security holes that I'm unaware of.
    Bob Pack, Feb 16, 2015
  4. Bob Pack

    Alan Browne Guest

    Call them and ask. Search. Good luck!
    Call them and ask. Search. Good luck!
    We await your test report.
    So it's still a quality scale. Not to belabour it but some receivers
    don't receive well when the power received is too high. That's why they
    want you further away. The high number is help you get far away enough.
    Perhaps. I think it's more akin to making sure the receiver is not
    Why do you need such detail? It is interesting to be sure - but how
    will that help you?
    Shouldn't be. From your phone to the tower, content (voice, data) is
    encrypted (and v-v). This thing is just passing the signal between the
    phone and the nearest tower.

    Call them and ask. Search. Good luck!
    Alan Browne, Feb 16, 2015
  5. Bob Pack

    Bob Pack Guest

    I had thought that I wasn't the only one here who has any experience
    with these things, as these are very basic questions.

    BTW, think about your suggestion.

    Do you realize how many hours (days maybe?) you'd spend on the phone
    with T-Mobile trying to get anyone who actually even understands the
    question, let alone who can give you an answer?

    It would be almost impossible, in my opinion, given the support level
    of T-Mobile that I am experienced with getting, to even get to the
    3rd level of technical support, which is the *only* level that will
    even understand the questions.

    They'll just say they don't know the answer, which will be true.

    You have a far (far far far) higher opinion of the support available
    by dialing 611 than I do.

    If *you* don't know the answer, that's fine (as I don't know the answer
    either). But, someone MUST know the answers.
    Bob Pack, Feb 17, 2015
  6. Bob Pack

    Ant Guest

    On 2/16/2015 7:07 PM, Bob Pack wrote:
    How about asking in too?
    "As a thinker and planner, the ant is the equal of any savage race of
    men; as a self-educated specialist in several arts she is the superior
    of any savage race of men; and in one or two high mental qualities she
    is above the reach of any man..." --Mark Twain
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    Ant is currently not listening to any songs on this computer.
    Ant, Feb 17, 2015
  7. Bob Pack

    Rod Speed Guest

    But they don’t necessarily read here.
    Rod Speed, Feb 17, 2015
  8. Allodoxaphobia, Feb 17, 2015
  9. Bob Pack

    Alan Browne Guest

    No they are not. You're asking about things that are between the phone
    and the cell station. These are not things that people commonly have or

    We don't have the specs (there's a hint: look at the model numbers on
    the widgets and go looking for the specs or product sheets).
    They ain't scrambling to say, now are they?

    You want to know these things. You seek them out. But don't be
    disappointed when you don't conveniently have your answers plopped in
    your lap.
    Alan Browne, Feb 17, 2015
  10. Bob Pack

    Bob Pack Guest

    This is true. Very true. In fact, you're basically the only one with
    the guts to say what you thought of the issue.

    So, I appreciate that conversation, and, I agree. Nobody really knows
    how these things work so they won't be able to answer my questions.

    I'll learn the answers, over time, but, it won't be coming from here,
    so, as you suggested, I'll try other avenues.

    Bob Pack, Feb 17, 2015
  11. Bob Pack

    Alan Browne Guest

    As I said, try looking up the spec from the models of the widgets you have.
    Alan Browne, Feb 17, 2015
  12. Bob Pack

    Daniel James Guest

    ... or, indeed, the OP could *tell us* what the specs and model numbers
    of the widgets are. Someone here may be familiar with the equipment
    under a different guise (it's a fair bet that T-Mobile are just
    rebadging some generic piece of kit from our friends in China) ... but
    you can't expect everyone reading here to know which bit of tech are
    being shipped by T-Mobile ... possibly in another country.


    In the UK, where AFAIK T-Mobile don't supply such kit.
    Daniel James, Feb 18, 2015
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