Question: Disk encryption for high crime area

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by maxwell, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. maxwell

    maxwell Guest

    I live in an area that just locking your doors is no longer enough, i am afraid
    that when i get home my computer would have gotten some legs and walked off so
    i have the following question.
    i would like to encrypt the hard drive on my system and have it do the
    following, i can activate it before shutdown and have it password prompt me
    before startup. if it is stolen the hard drive and contents will be useless to
    the thief.
    is there an encryption program that will do this. i would post this to but AOL does not carry the group. i love them so.
    maxwell, Oct 17, 2003
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  2. From: (maxwell)
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    caveat lector - reader beware, Oct 17, 2003
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  3. maxwell

    Ben There Guest

  4. maxwell

    DeMoN LaG Guest

    Rinkworks' Computer Stupidities site is great. They just updated it a
    month or so ago, the last update before that was like a year before. I
    hope it becomes regularly updated, as I find it hiliarous.

    AIM: FrznFoodClerk (actually me)
    email: [email protected] (_ = m)
    website: under construction
    Need a technician in the south Jersey area?
    email/IM for rates/services
    DeMoN LaG, Oct 19, 2003
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