Question about NIMH AA battery chargers

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by medgirl, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. medgirl

    medgirl Guest

    After much debate, I finally decided which camera to buy (Canon PowerShot
    A95) and am quite happy with it so far, but I'm now a little daunted by the
    variety of NIMH AA battery chargers available. Ideally, it would be nice to
    have something that charges reasonably quickly (a few hours rather than
    overnight), that will shut off on its own and not overcharge batteries, and
    that isn't horribly expensive. Even better if it's something easy to find
    in a store or online. Any suggestions?

    medgirl, Jan 17, 2005
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  2. medgirl

    Robert Barr Guest

    There are a million opinions. I've had great luck (not that luck should
    have anything to do with it...) with a MAHA MH-C204F. Decent price,
    there's an online dealer, came with a set of MAHA NiMH.
    Robert Barr, Jan 17, 2005
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  3. Of the four chargers I've used, that is the one that I can't recommend.
    It was designed for older, lower capacity batteries. It's slow and it
    doesn't reliably detect a full charge on higher capacity batteries.

    I've had very good results with the Rayovac 1 hour NiMH charger. It's
    fast and it doesn't heat up the cells much. It's one shortcoming is
    that it will sometimes cook new and unused batteries. New cells go into
    the Maha MH-C204F, which doesn't have the current to do much damage if
    it doesn't shut off, or I take them out of the Rayovac when they get
    Kevin McMurtrie, Jan 17, 2005
  4. Avoid the fast chargers, they beat the batteries up too much.

    Or get one that's switchable. I like the Mhaha Powerex C401FS, which
    does slow or fast charge, has 4 independent charging circuits, and
    "FLEX negative pulse charging". Or I see they have a new C204W they
    think well of.
    David Dyer-Bennet, Jan 17, 2005
  5. Easy to find in almost any city or town, charges in a half hour or less,
    switches to trickle when done, comes with four batteries, cheap:
    Justín Käse, Jan 17, 2005
  6. medgirl

    Markus L Guest

    Have a look at this comparison:
    Markus L, Jan 17, 2005
  7. medgirl

    Ed Ruf Guest

    MH-C401FS 100 Minute Cool Maha Battery Charger
    Ed Ruf, Jan 17, 2005
  8. I put together a small web site with chargers,

    Look at the Panasonic BQ830 (Costco) and the Maha C401FS. The Panasonic
    seems to have some issues with non-Panasonic batteries. It comes with
    eight 2300mAH AA cells (and 2 AAA cells of 780mAH (I think)), and Costco
    sells additional Panasonic cells pretty cheaply. But the Maha is
    probably the best choice, albeit more expensive.

    Avoid chargers that charge in pairs.

    Avoid very high rate chargers with no option for lower rate charging.

    Avoid the Ray-O-Vac charger.
    Steven M. Scharf, Jan 17, 2005
  9. medgirl

    Jeremy Guest

    I have both the Panasonic charger you noted, and also an Eveready charger
    and batteries that I picked up at Wal-Mart.

    I notice that the Eveready charger takes 7 hours to recharge, regardless of
    whether the batteries were fully exhausted at the beginning of the charge
    cycle. It appears the Eveready charger goes through a discharge cycle, and
    then fully charges the batteries.

    The Panasonic charger, by comparison, just brings the batteries back up to
    full. Depending on whether they were fully discharged, I have had it bring
    my batteries up to a full charge in anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours.

    As I tend to recharge my batteries at the end of a shooting session,
    regardless of whether or not they are nearly dead, I prefer the Panasonic.
    Jeremy, Jan 17, 2005
  10. medgirl

    Tom Randy Guest

    Tom Randy, Jan 18, 2005
  11. medgirl

    Ed Ruf Guest

    Also, some of the best customer service I've ever had the chance to deal
    Ed Ruf, Jan 18, 2005
  12. medgirl

    bob Guest

    I've got a Rayovac 1 hr charger that I got at Target for around $20. It
    charges the 4 cells individually (also charges AAA and 9v, which were
    important for me). I've been using it for over a year and it seems to work
    just fine.

    I know some people advocate slower charging of cells, but they just don't
    cost so much that I'm going to worry about it.

    bob, Jan 18, 2005
  13. medgirl

    Drifter Guest

    I'm right there with you Bob. The Maha chargers are excellent units,
    but a four-pack of NiMH cells is pretty darn cheap at this point and
    in the 2 years I've had my Ray-o-vac 1hr chargers (I have two) I have
    only had one battery go bad on me (stopped taking a charge after about
    3 charges).

    "I've been here, I've been there..."
    Drifter, Jan 18, 2005
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