Question about DOCSIS CMTS and bonded channels

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by JF Mezei, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. JF Mezei

    JF Mezei Guest

    not sure if anyone here would know the answer... but just in case.

    From what I read DOCSIS2 has the ability to run multiple separate
    instances on different 6mhz channels. So in a cell, you could have half
    the customers served on the first 6mhz chunk and the other half on the
    other channel.

    With DOCSIS3, you can bond multiple channels into a virtual one,
    offering greater speeds.

    Does anyone know if:

    DOCSIS3 retains the ability to have multiple separate channels ? (aka: 2
    separate sets each of 3 bonded channels) ?

    Do CMTS have the ability to support those multiple separate channels, or
    must one have one CMTS chassis per set of channel (docsis2) or channels
    (docsis3) ?

    I ask in a context where arguments were made that due to limited spacing
    in walk in closets, addition of more CMTS units would have space HVAC
    and management issues.
    JF Mezei, Feb 5, 2010
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