Quadrilogy and 'Seamless Branching' issues...

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Jay, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Jay

    Jay Guest

    I seem to have a problem with my Alien Quadrilogy set in that there are
    quite a few skips and jumps during the movie playback. The fact that it
    happens with all of the discs and that there are two versions of each movie
    on a disc makes me think that my dvd player (mitsubishi black diamond
    BD24DVD) is having a bit of trouble with the 'seamless branching'. If I
    thought it was a problem with the dvds I'd bring them back but that would be
    a bit awkward as they were a gift. I did a few searches and a couple of
    reports of similar problems showed up but not enough to make me think that
    it is widescpread at all. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any other dvds
    with seamless branching to test.

    So, firstly, does the seamless branching sound like the problem? Secondly,
    is there anything at all I can do about it?

    Has anyone else had this problem with the Quadrilogy set?

    Jay, Dec 21, 2003
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  2. I've seen threads about the Alien Quadrilogy for weeks now. I can't find ANY
    source that validates the word. Where'd it come from. What makes it a valid

    As near as I can determine, a dramatic work in four parts is called a

    Will someone with an IQ above ambient give me a clue about "quadrilogy"?

    Colon Terminus, Dec 21, 2003
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  3. Jay

    Michael Guest

    I'd say it's been made up by marketing idiots who think most people are too
    stupid to be familiar with the Greek root, as opposed to the more common
    Latin one. You're correct, it should be the 'Alien Tetralogy'.
    Michael, Dec 21, 2003
  4. It possibly is a seamless branching problem where your player is not
    liking how it is encoded.

    Mine work perfectly so far in my Pioneer 606D and on the downstairs
    piece of shit DVD/5.1 reciever combo they work but have a couple hicups
    here and there.

    Something you can try is to clean the disc. I think seamless branching
    can be even more fragile than the video itself if there is a near
    invisable smudge on the disc.

    Michael Rogers, Dec 21, 2003
  5. Obviously some marketing genius at Fox either (1) didn't know there
    already was an appropriate word and made one up or (2) did know but
    assumed the unwashed masses wouldn't know what "tetralogy" meant and
    made one up anyway.

    (Apparently the geniuses at Microsoft don't know the word either,
    since their spell-checker suggested changing it to either "metrology"
    or "petrology".)
    Michael Laurino, Dec 21, 2003
  6. If you have a philips 728 or 729 (at least the european release),
    there was a whole batch of them that froze for a split second on any
    form of branching point. Seamless branching, multi-angle, the
    intercuts in the Matrix's White Rabbit mode (wether that mode is used
    or not), etc etc. I returned mine to the store for that and found out
    that it is a problem with all of them, or at least the ones they had
    in the store. Maybe it is a similar problem.

    Mischa van Dinter, Dec 21, 2003
  7. Jay

    Jay Guest

    Yep, it's possible. Actually cleaning the discs seems to have help a little
    although the problems are still there. I reckon it is likely the player. I'm
    going to see if I can try them on a different player.

    Jay, Dec 21, 2003
  8. Jay

    Erik Harris Guest

    I have the same problem, and I suspect that the seamless branching is the
    cause. I watched Alien last night, and it was a really frustrating
    experience, because parts of the movie kept getting skipped, and I'd have to
    rewind to just _after_ the skip (not easy when you don't know exactly how
    much was skipped) to see the stuff that was missing. It probably took me
    three hours to watch the two hour movie. I've never been particularly happy
    with my Samsuck (err, Samsung) DVD player, but now I'm even more convinced
    that buying it was a mistake (P-421 progressive scan player that was about
    $120 in July). I can't get any enjoyment out of DTS tracks with it because it
    always 'skips' on them at least a couple times per movie. I always get at
    least one minor on-screen glitch per movie. The thumbpad on my remote
    control cracked during normal light use after less than a week, and Samsung
    refused to replace it on the grounds that "all remote control damage is
    considered user abuse by company policy regardless or cause." And now this.
    I'll do my best to never buy another Samsung product again, or at least never
    buy another of their DVD players.

    I skimmed through the Alien disc on my PC, going to points of the movie that
    I remember having problems, and every one of them ran fine on my PC. I'm
    disappointed to see from your message that I can expect the same problems
    with the other three movies. :-(

    Has anyone else had this problem, and solved it by cleaning the disc and/or
    the laser? I don't want to go spend $20 on a DVD laser cleaning kit if it's
    not going to have any impact on this issue.

    Erik Harris [email protected]$harrishom$.com
    AIM: KngFuJoe http://www.eharrishome.com
    Chinese-Indonesian MA Club http://www.eharrishome.com/cimac/

    The above email address is obfuscated to try to prevent SPAM.
    Replace each dollar sign with an "e" for the correct address.
    Erik Harris, Dec 21, 2003
  9. Jay

    John Savard Guest

    Well, Quad- is the *Latin* prifix for four: since Tri- is consistent
    with Latin, I'm not surprised that at Fox they simply assumed the more
    common Latin prefix series would be appropriate, instead of checking
    if perhaps they should use Greek prefixes.

    The prefixes go something like this...

    Latin Greek
    2 bi di
    3 tri tri
    4 quad tetra
    5 quin penta
    6 sex hexa
    7 sept hepta
    8 octo octo
    9 nov ennea

    John Savard
    John Savard, Dec 21, 2003
  10. Jay

    Karl S Guest

    The unabridged Oxford English Dictionary CD has it:

    qua'drilogy, a tetralogy;
    Karl S, Dec 21, 2003
  11. Thanks Karl.
    Colon Terminus, Dec 21, 2003
  12. Jay

    Nic Guest

    I don't have the discs but, I have read numerous reports from people with
    the same problem. Some people have the problem and some don't. It depends
    on the player.
    Nic, Dec 21, 2003
  13. Jay

    Ped Xing Guest

    I was watching the Aliens special edition last night, when right after
    Gorman's briefing scene, the movie started to pixellate and freeze,
    eventually to skip a couple of chapters forward. I took out the disc and
    sure enough there were some scratches or pock marks.

    Fortunately, I bought it locally (Best Buy), so I could immediately go
    exchange it. Still I ended up having to go to 2 different stores to find
    it. But at least I was able to finish watching the movie, albeit with an
    extended intermission. ;-)
    Ped Xing, Dec 21, 2003
  14. The Compact Edition of The OED* doesn't, as far as I can see: There
    is no entry for it (there is for tetralogy) and if it is included in
    the lengthy entry for "quadri-", where they listed a whole bunch of
    words that didn't rate separate entries, I didn't spot it. Does the
    CD indicate whether it is a recent coinage?
    - - - - - - - - - -
    *You know, the two-volume reduced-print edition.
    Michael Laurino, Dec 22, 2003
  15. Jay

    Karl S Guest

    The CD gives one example of usage:

    1865 Athenæum No. 1950. 355/3 His *quadrilogy of Nibelungen operas.

    It's from the year 1865, so it's not a new word.

    On the CD it's also included in a very lengthy entry for "quadri-". If
    it were not for the CD's search feature, I would have had difficulty
    finding it.

    I always thought that, like the CD, the reduced-print edition was the
    same as the multi-volume printed edition.

    One advantage of the CD is a search takes you right to the word.
    Karl S, Dec 23, 2003
  16. It is. The title page gives the subtitle "COMPLETE TEXT REPRODUCED
    MICROGRAPHICALLY". (Each page contains four images of the original

    Perhaps, although the citation is from 1865, the OED entry is a recent
    addition ("recent", for the OED, being within the last twenty or
    thirty years).
    Michael Laurino, Dec 24, 2003
  17. Jay

    Der Golem Guest

    Hi y'all-

    I am soooo glad you posted this problem. The same thing happened to
    me and I was really ticked off.
    Here's what happened:
    I watched Aliens, Alien3 and Resurrection before watching Alien. All
    three films (in their original cuts, of course) played flawlessly. So
    did all of the supplemental material.
    I saved the best for last and it locked up when Dallas went back to
    Mother to ask about his chances. It would freeze when you see the
    first computer display and the player shut down. I tried it on two
    computers and it happened again. I exchanged the set and just tried
    the new disc and sho 'nuff, it locked again. Fortunately, there are
    several new dvd players at work and it played fine. So my two year
    old dvd player can't handle "seamless branching." Nice... (seamless,
    my eye...)

    Thanks again for not only posting, but using a clear subject that
    immediately tells me what the post is about.)
    Der Golem, Jan 6, 2004
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