[Q:] Sony DSC-W1 Anybody use this camera yet? Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by unavailable, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. unavailable

    unavailable Guest

    Please let us know your thoughts on Sony's new DSC-W1 Digital Camera.

    Good Points and Bad Points.

    Thinking of buying one.

    unavailable, Jun 19, 2004
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  2. I own a Sony DSC-W1 since two weeks. Pictures look great and I have
    started testing right now:

    1. At the wide angle position of the zoom lens, there is a cushion-like
    distortion, which is irrelevant at usual pictures. For architecture you
    have to think about it. It is the price for the small lens.
    2. The camera fits nicely into the pocket and operates fast. Almost not
    shutter release delay.
    3. Extra low noise.
    4. Very important for an everyday's snapshot camera is the possibility
    for spontaneous photographing. Normally, the accumulator is out of power.
    A pack of normal batteries are always around or can be bought.
    5. The are manual settings possibilities, as speed, aperture, distance,
    sharpening, contrast and color saturation, which I often use. It is
    important for postprocessing that the sharpening can be reduced. It can
    be done far better by Photoshop.
    6. Files are only in JPG. I'd liked a raw format in addition. JPG files
    are compressed at a ratio of 1:6 (fine). When you convert into TIFF at
    normal pictures, even specialists cannot tell if it was originally TIF
    or JPG.
    7. I am not quite shure about focussing. There are only 5 positions (0.5
    m, 1 m, 3 m, 7 m and infinity). My depth of field calculator tells me,
    that distances of 0.7 m or 1.8 m are not sharp??? My tests will be
    focussed on that in future. At the moment I could not agree to my
    8. Flash is powerful enough to take pictures from groups sitting around a
    table, which is not the case at the Sony T-1.

    All in all, the W-1 is a phantastic little camera, which minor draw
    backs. A small camera is always a compromise. This is a good one. I would
    buy it once more.


    A.F. Hobbacher, Jun 20, 2004
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  3. 3 good review sites gave it very good marks, and it kills the Canon S500 for

    I have a W1B but have not had much use of it yet, it is to complement my
    Robert Mathews, Jun 21, 2004
  4. unavailable

    Bob Roetker Guest

    Please let us know your thoughts on Sony's new DSC-W1 Digital Camera.
    I just returned from a short trip to Las Vegas - my first chance to
    use my new Sony DSC-W1 extensively. The outdoor pictures were great at
    every distance. I took several aerial shots from the top of the Eiffel
    Tower and I thought they had very good detail for such a long
    distance. The colors were perfect. Running the photos through any
    automated color correction resulted in little or no change. I kept all
    of the settings at the default and full automatic. There are some
    manual settings you can change but I chose to test the point and shoot
    functionality at it's easiest. It is very quick from power on to first
    picture and from picture to picture. I didn't miss any shots at all.

    The indoor shots in the casinos were just a little dissappointing. The
    casinos are for the most part fairly dark and the flash was incapable
    of lighting up such large areas. In a living room it would be fine. I
    did not try to compensate at all but I think that might have helped.

    I also took several night shots of the strip and they were also just
    slightly dissappointing. Again, I did not compensate for the darkness
    but kept the default setting. I wish I had experimented some with the
    settings for night.

    In the very bright sun (101 degrees in the shade) the LCD was a little
    difficult to see. I probably should have turned up the brightness but
    did not want to affect battery life. The DSC-W1 uses NiMH AA batteries
    and they performed extremely well. I took about 189 photos over three
    days with LCD on all of the time and lots of zooming. The battery
    power icon showed no degradation until the 3rd night after reviewing
    all of the photos on the LCD.

    As far as pocketability, I wandered up and down the strip with the
    little W-1 in my pocket and it was barely noticeable but always ready
    at a moment's notice. This is only my second digital camera. My first
    was a Fuji 2600 (good in it's time) and what a tremendous difference.
    Originally I didn't even want to consider Sony because of the
    proprietary memory stick but I am glad I did. It stacks up well
    against any of the other currently available 5.1 mp cameras and at
    $100 less (MSRP) you can afford the memory stick. There is also the
    advantage of using AA NiMH batteries. A package of 4 2300mah NiMH
    batteries at Meijer's was only $9.99 and they lasted forever.

    I was very close to going with the Canon S500 (a fine camera) but
    decided the larger LCD (2.5") and other extras like scene modes made
    the Sony a better deal. The pictures may be just slightly less clear
    than the Canon but I believe I made the right choice.
    Bob Roetker, Jun 28, 2004
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