Q: how exactly is a 40x flash card "faster" than a 4x flash card?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Paul Bennett, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett Guest

    Greetings, fellow digital enthusiasts!

    I've got an oldish (about 1.5 years old) digital camera, a Canon A40.
    It's not really high-end - only 2 megapixels - but has some really
    nice pictures and I enjoy using it.

    It uses Compact Flash for storage, and the speed of my current Compact
    Flash card is 4x. I'm considering purchasing a Compact Flash card
    whose speed is 40x.

    Is it worth the money? Will this really speed up my camera's
    operations? What I want to be able to do, basically, is take pictures
    faster. One thing I don't like about the digital camera is how I have
    to wait between pictures.

    Where will I notice a difference, if any, by going from a 4x CF card
    to a 40x card?

    Thanks everyone for your technical advice!

    Paul Bennett, Jun 26, 2004
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  2. Paul Bennett

    Bill Hilton Guest

    From: (Paul Bennett)
    It depends on whether or not the camera can write faster than your current card
    can accept data. For sure you won't see 10x improvement, and possibly you
    won't see any improvement at all.

    http://www.robgalbraith.com/bins/multi_page.asp?cid=6007 and pick a model from
    the drop down menu to see how different cards actually perform with specific
    cameras. I didn't see yours on there but you'll get the general idea after
    reading this info.
    With a camera that writes fast, like most dSLR's. I just ordered a couple of
    80x Lexars for my new 1D Mark II but the camera can shoot up to 20 frames at
    8.5 frames/sec and is designed to take advantage of faster cards.

    Bill Hilton, Jun 26, 2004
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  3. Paul Bennett

    Jeff Durham Guest

    I doubt that you will see a speed advantage in the camera. Where you might
    see a difference is when you put the compact flash card in a card reader to
    transfer images to your PC. Is it worth it in that case? I have a six year
    old Sandisk 80MB card for my Kodak DC240 and I would not upgrade that card
    for faster transfer to the PC. It just is not that important. For my
    Digital Rebel, I purchased a 40x card mainly because the camera can take
    advantage of faster cards.

    Jeff Durham, Jun 26, 2004
  4. Paul Bennett

    Dave Cohen Guest

    There is no noticeable difference between 1x and 4x in normal shooting mode
    in an A40. I don't use movie mode so can't comment there.
    I think you would need a usb2 card reader to see a difference. If you need
    to buy a card anyway, pick the faster card but don't pay a premium, you may
    be able to take advantage of a faster card in a camera you've yet to
    Dave Cohen
    Dave Cohen, Jun 26, 2004
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