[Q]Floating static routes, admin. distance and route-map

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Castravete, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Castravete

    Castravete Guest

    I will rephrase an earlier question I had, in the hope that someone may
    know how to achieve this, and based on some reading I did, from Cisco's
    web site:

    I have right now a setup with two routers, using two lines connecting
    them, where I have the traffic statically segregated, using a combination
    of static routes and route-map rules (i.e. on one router I statically
    point to a few systems on the other side, through one line, and default to
    the second, while - correspondingly - I route-map the source addresses of
    the hosts behind the other router, through the first line, and default the
    rest through the second)

    I would like to use the two lines - obviously, both active - in such a way
    that if one fails, the other would "pick up" all the traffic, so - the
    way I see it right now the question would be: can I combine route-mapping
    and administrative distances (under the assumption that administrative
    distance would take care of the traffic being segregated as I have it now,
    and still provide a "failover" path, in case of one line being down)?

    I would appreciate comments, or pointers to a configuration achieving the

    Castravete, Mar 10, 2005
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